New - 50 Inch Single Row: Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (150w/250w) - Black Oak LED
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New - 50 Inch Single Row: Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (150w/250w)

New - 50 Inch Single Row: Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (150w/250w) loupe
New - 50 Inch Single Row: Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (150w/250w)
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The Monster Stealth: 

This light has been upgraded to the New Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0, see below for all the new features

This massive light bar is probably our most underrated off-road truck light. It fits so well on almost any wide vehicle with a low profile look. The second you flip that switch 50 LEDs illuminate everything and anything, it becomes clear why we use high output, quality LEDs. The 50 inch single row LED light bar also gives you the ability to customize the light spread pattern with spot/flood/combo LED options. The most impressive part? The 50" single only stands 2.02 inches wide and 53 inches from screw to screw. See Dimensions chart for even more info.  


If you are concerned with durability, you shouldn't be. Every Single row series is rated IP69K rated made with quality materials so these lights can take a beating. Our Single row series 50 comes with our limited lifetime warranty! 

Activities & Uses: 

- Perfect above the windshield on Jeep's & Trucks

- Throw light over 2000m!

- Combine harverster flood light

- Off-Road Light

- Work light for Construction Sites

Our 50'' light bar lens measures 50'' and it's housing measures 52''. (Fits perfectly with most 52'' light bar brackets or mounts)

The New Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 - 50" Single Row Includes:

- Complete Wiring Harness with fuse, relay, & switch

- Mounting brackets

- All Hardware, ready to install!

Upgrades and Features:

360° Ceramic Protection from UV, Salt Water and Corrosions

“One of the most popular trends lately has been ceramic coating vehicles and boats. We have since added a Baricoat ceramic coating to our lights. It is an added 3-part protection from UV, saltwater, and corrosion. You'll never have to worry about what weather you put these bars through as we made sure every aspect of these lights can hold up to any environment."

2 Stage Hydrex Seal Lock IP69

“We didn’t want to limit the introduction of the new Hydrex Seal to just the Double Rows and Pods, so we added it to our Single Rows as well. It has a 2 Stage gasket redundant waterproofing seal allowing it to have a strong, waterproof seal even after taking a beating. We wanted everything we build to be as marine grade as possible, so we made sure you won't have any issues with water intrusion.”

4x Times Stronger Dynamax Housing

“Do you ever find yourself battling some rough terrain? We made sure not to skimp out on the testing of our new Dynamax housing to make sure you would never have to worry about limiting your capabilities. As shown in the testing on our double rows, our single rows can take just as much of a beating. We made sure to prove that with using our light bars as a ramp for one of our trucks.”


More Security

“With Black Oak LED Lights, there is no room for failure. That’s why we even beefed up our bolts with stronger threads to offer better protection on our bars. We wanted to make sure there were no weak links in any part of our light bars, hence the decision to upgrade our hardware.” 

  5w / Osram 3w / Osram
Total Wattage  250w  150w
Amp Draw 19.0  14.2
Led Quantity  50  50
Weight  13.6  13.6
Raw Lumens  33,000  18,700
Warranty  Lifetime  Lifetime
Guarantee  30 Day Money Back  30 Day Money Back
IP Rating  IP69K  IP69K
E-mark  E9  E9 

How do I know your lights are of the highest quality?

With IP68, IP69, IP69K ratings, the research has already been done for you! These standards give you clear cut pass/fail scenarios to ensure only the toughest of the tough get passed these guys, Including water, temperature, pressure, and sheer brute force.

What exactly does your warranty cover?

We are human, and thus make mistakes. If you believe your light was one of these rare occurrences due to workmanship or material failure, send it back and we will verify. Once confirmed, Black Oak LED will repair, or otherwise replace, your light free of charge.

I see 3w, 5w, and 10w LED options, what’s the difference?

You have the option between 3w Osram, 5w Osram, or 10w Cree LEDs. These are some of the brightest LEDs on the market! Don’t be misled, the 3 watts still put out an unbelievable amount of light! You choose just how bright you need it.

What is light beam spread pattern, and what is best for me?

Flood- Wide-spread light to illuminate the side and front of your rig. Perfect for those who want a wider cone of light than a spot.

Spot- Great for those who need those piercing beams of light that seem to travel forever.

Combo- Best of both worlds, the floods sit on the outside giving you the side blow-out of light while still shooting far with the Spots piercing far ahead.

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