Lifetime Warranty
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Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Limited Warranty

Thank you for your purchase of Black Oak LED lights. Your business is important to us and we strive every day to design and build the very best LED light bars and exceed your expectations. At Black Oak LED we have a rigorous process to control quality of materials and manufacturing processes to ensure each light that goes out our doors will stand the test of time. Every light we ship is tested for water submersion, lumen output, amp draw, assembly fitness and completion, and LED performance among other things. Even with these high standards and multiple layers of quality control there are occasional cases of product failure and this warranty is made to cover those instances.

Black Oak LED Limited Lifetime Warranty:

Black Oak LED warrants that all Double Row Series, Single Row Series, and Pods will be free from defects in workmanship and materials.  If you believe that your light is defective due to workmanship or material failure you will need to return the light back to Black Oak LED for inspection.  After inspection, Black Oak LED will verify that the issue was not caused by unauthorized repair, disassembly, negligence or other abuse not covered by our warranty. Black Oak LED will decide at its sole discretion to repair or replace the light based on our Limited Lifetime Warranty processes.

If a defect is found to be due to materials or workmanship Black Oak LED will honor your warranty claim. In some cases your light may be replaced with a new light due to time frame of purchase etc. If Black Oak LED chooses, at its sole discretion, to repair your light, all parts, labor and return shipping will be paid by Black Oak LED. Black Oak LED is not liable for any charges, expenses or costs associated with the Customer relating to installation, removal or repair of Black Oak LED products.

Exceptions to this Warranty:

Powder Coating on Products: Black Oak LED uses the highest quality materials available and depending on location, environment and exposure, powder coat can fade.

Reduced light output from LEDs.  LED's, like all artificial light sources, fade over time and are not covered under warranty unless a defect in the material or workmanship is found which is extremely rare due to our high quality standards.

Accessories, Covers, Mounting Options, Kits (lights inside kits are covered by the Limited Lifetime Warranty) and all other items offered by Black Oak LED are covered for 1 year and do not fall under the Limited Lifetime Warranty.  At its sole discretion, Black Oak LED will choose the proper processing of all warranty claims and any warranty expressed or implied will be void if Black Oak LED finds there is sufficient evidence for any other following:

  1. Tampering:  Any removal or tampering of bezels, screws, seals or other parts.
  2. Abuse:  Any damage beyond the normal wear and tear of the light.
  3. Negligent Installation or Operation:  Any improper installation or operation.

 All warranties apply only to the original Customer and are non-transferable. The terms, processes and policies in our warranty are subject to change without notice.


1. If the LED light doesn’t work at all.

If it’s a new light and won’t work, it is probably not the LED light itself.

Check if the input voltage is normal. It needs to be over 9V, and for a larger size light it needs to be at least 12V DC. Also check that all wire connections are good. Also make sure to use the wiring harness provided.

If the LED bar is installed for several days and suddenly stops working, it may be the fuse, driver, PCB, magnetic bead etc.


2. If only a section of your light bar is working.

If the input voltage is too low, (less than 12V), this may cause only a section of the light bar to work. Also if the correct wire is not used, it can cause your light bar to not turn on, or for only a section to work. Please check the battery, input voltage, and wire first.


3. LED light flicker.

If the connection is not good, the LED light may flicker. Check all wiring connections to ensure they are correct. Also check the waterproof connectors to make sure the inside isn't burned.


If you feel you have a warranty issue please start here:

If you believe you have a warranty issue that is due to a defect in either material or workmanship please follow these steps:

1. Read the Warranty Details and Troubleshooting Section above to determine if your product is in need of a warranty repair or not.

2. How did you purchase the product?

    A. I purchased directly from  Please review the following information below.

    B. I purchased from an authorized reseller of Black Oak LED:  Please review the following information and contact the reseller directly to         return your product.  

3. Request an (RMA) number for a warranty claim by emailing us at *PLEASE NOTE* An (RMA) number is required for all returned packages. Unfortunately, failure to follow this step will result in the package being returned to sender.

4. We will quickly follow up with a reply email containing directions to process your warranty claim.

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