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August Giveaway W...

Congrats to Richard Emberg on winning this month's giveaway!


Richard will be walking away with a 20" Double Row 5W Combo valued at $680.


Take a look at what Richard had to say about his GoPod below:


The GoPod has been a great addition to night time activities. Either on the boat, or on the paddle board. Hooking it up for a portable battery to night time blue crabbing. It cuts right through the water to see the crabs. 


The GoPod with the marine suction cup spot light is just as great on the hard water. While drilling holes in the pitch dark and setting traps. The light makes it easy to see all the gear. It’s easy  to scan the ice and see the tip ups when a fish takes the bait. With the lithium battery pack it last for hours. Thanks so much



July Giveaway Win...

Congrats to Andrew Hutchinson on winning this month's giveaway!


Andrew will be walking away with one of our 20" Double Row 5W Combo Light Bars


Take a look at what Andrew had to say about his lights below:


It took awhile but I finally got them installed. Things kept happening and the fishing was good so it was hard to leave my boat for a few days but it got done. I’m really disappointed in myself for not doing these lights sooner. Wow, they are awesome! 


When I first turned them on I was blown away. They are super bright and look so good. The deck lights gives my boat a great look and allows me to see what I’m doing around the deck without blinding me. I can rig up poles, get fish off the hook, and see where I’m stepping and look awesome while doing it! 


The front pod lights are amazing! They really illuminate what’s in front of me. Now I have no worries about running from the dock before sunrise or staying out after the sun goes down. 
June Giveaway Win...

Congrats to Henry Ramirez on winning this month's giveaway! 


Henry will be walking away with one of our 20" Double Row 5W Combo Light Bars


Take a look at what Henry had to say about his lights below:



I've purchased 3 Black Spreader Lts & 1 white Spreader. As you can see I've put them to good use as front "fog" Lts on my 87 Cougar & back up Lts on my Cougar & Camry. They are so much more effective than factory Lts, especially for backing up. The 2 six inch Combo Lts on my front Camry where a bit of an inspiration for me. The wrap around skirting included the new front bumper & thus eliminated my factory fog Lts.


The 20 inch Combo Light on my Cougar more than reinforces my factory driving Lts. Of course I have to be careful how & when I use them. Needless to say, when I light those puppies up on a dark road, it's like well, a "super nova". Except for the 2 six inch Combos, the installation of all the other lights, including electrical wiring & switches is all my work. 


Thanks for your great products!!

May Giveaway Winner!

Congrats to Kevin Klein on winning this month's giveaway! 


Kevin will be walking away with one of our 20" Double Row 5W Combo's valued at $680.


Here is what he had to say about his lights:


On our farm in eastern Washington we have been running older tractors (early 2000 models) and the old original lights were going bad and just do not put out the brightness these black oaks produce.  We have installed half the number of black oak lights and have drastically increased the visibility all the way around the tractor.

The seeding tractor is a CAT 95E with 4 pods on the front on the hood, one pod on each side of the tractor and 4 pods on each back of the tractor cab.  The majority of the pod lights are 2in by 2in.   There are two 2x10” lights on the back of the tractor cab used to light up the whole drill so we can see everything happening going thru the drill.

We also try to keep an extra pod or two around just in case the need arises for a light replacement or additional on another piece of equipment!!



April Giveaway Wi...

Congrats to Braden M. on winning this month's giveaway! 


Braden will be walking away with one of our 20" Double Row 5W Combo's valued at $680.


Take a look at what he had to say about his lights below:


Rock Lights


Was originally worry it wasn’t going to be bright enough or have enough flood light and be to focused but it turned out to be perfect I was impressed how bright the light is and has a great balance of both flood and spot light. Also with my rock light I was impressed with how small but bright they were. 


I have both one of your light bars and your rock light on my quad as shown below. The light bar has benefited me the most by filling in where the headlights don’t shine. There good led projector lights but they are so focused that hard acceleration and braking there either way up of pointing right in-front on me. The light bar has not only helped by letting me see farther out infront of me but also let me still see while under hard braking and acceleration. The rock light have also been nice not only to look pretty but with be able to see when crawling on rock and such at night. Being able to see everything in a small radius around the vehicle makes such a difference.

March Giveaway Wi...

Congrats to Ted Nichols for winning this month's giveaway!


Ted will be walking away with a 20" Double Row 5W Combo Light Bar valued at $680. 


Take a look at what Ted had to say about his 40" Light Bar below:


When I first turned it on, I couldn’t believe how bright and clean the light is. It lit up the night into day. I saw deer crossing over a hundred yards away that I never would have seen with headlights. Absolutely insane. And it looks so clean in white! 

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