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-40 degree temps won't stop Black Oak LEDs


"Attached is a photo of the curved bar I ordered a little over a year ago. This photo was taken in sub -40 deg weather. This is the 2nd winter in Alaska, its endured numerous days of flooding rain, mosquitoes, arctic weather and even an instance of being backed into by a full-size pickup. I’m pleased enough that I’ve ordered an additional 5 light pods to complement the light with more planned in the future."

Thanks for all your assistance!



Those who live in the coldest climates on earth trust their life to reliable equipment. Imagine running out of food in the middle of winter in Alaska. The only way to obtain any is to endure the frigid temperatures. This would give most people nightmares. Having a light built from the strongest materials is a must. Especially because  Barrow, Alaska does not get sun for 67 straight days during the winter.


Corey, a Black Oak customer,  has put our light to the test. Subzero temperatures in Alaska are no joke. Through the rain, -40 below weather, and an accident with a full-size pickup the Black Oak LED is still shinning bright. Thanks for sharing your story with us Corey!


Featured Lights:

Why go with Black Oak LED? Just listen to an expert.


 Nathan Clarke owns a company that specializing in outfitting Off Road vehicles. He eats, sleeps and breaths everything off road. His Ohio based shop does a few big builds a year in between all the customer trucks they do. A few months ago they contacted us inquiring about our light bars and pods. They order a couple and tested Black Oak LEDs out on their next big build. This is what he found.

The photo shows Black Oak lights side by side with a few others through a 80% filter.

"As you can see the Black Oak is as bright as the Baja but a much whiter light. All light bars are single row 20". The only caveat is the Rigid is behind the grille of the 13. Safe to say, we are more than happy with our Black Oak LEDs"

Nathan's first reactions where like most of our customers. They loved how the light looks and are shocked by how bright it is. The biggest advantage with Black Oak LEDs is the durability. See what Nathan thinks about our LEDs after playing around with them for a while...

Day time shot of the vehicles. Black Oak, Rigid, Baja Designs, and no lights on the far right one.  

After 2 months of testing and abusing Black Oak LED​ line of lights, Nathan's shop has decided to start selling Black Oak lights in their online store. "We simply don't sell what we don't use ourselves."- Nathan

 The ability to take a beating and keep shinning is what really stands out to our loyal customers. His crew being excited enough to endorse the Black Oak name says a lot about our company and our products. Nathan's guys are already planning the next big build. Check out what is coming next...

20' Single Row Black Oak LED light bar mounted on a 2015 4 Runner

His crew has just started building a 2017 Toyota Tundra Crew Max, Texas Edition. When it comes time to choose a off road light he knows exactly who to go with.  "I'm not sure what I have planned for lights on this years build, but you better believe Black Oak will be getting a call."- Nathan

Thanks Nathan for all your support. We can't wait to see what the Tundra looks like when you're finished with it!




Don't get lost without your Black Oak LED Rock Lights

LED Rock Lights Feedback Review from another happy Black Oak Customer.

Matt loves off-roading in his 2001 Jeep Wrangler TJ nicknamed "SpyderTJ." While testing out his rock lights for the first time at Windrock ORV Park in Oliver Springs, TN the sun set, weather picked up and he got lost. Here is his true story of how his rock lights helped him find his way back.

"I got my Black Oak rock lights on a few months ago, and was finally able to use them on our New Years trip. We were out riding in the park on Saturday afternoon & decided to try one last trail before we went in for dinner. It was cold & had snowed a little earlier in the day. After riding what we though was the trail we ended up "off the map" for 4 hours, well into the dark, with 20 degree temps, 30 mph wind, and raining. We were trying to find our way back to the trail from the side of a mountain"...  

"All the while my black oak led rock lights clearly illuminated our path so I could see exactly what we were traveling over as the trail didn't appear to be frequently used. And even though everyone in our group had their gas light on, we finally made it back safe & sound. (And by the rock lights were the brightest in the group. 😉 👌🏼)"


"Rock Crawling at night with these rock lights couldn't be better, and I can recommend them to my friends with confidence."

We are glad to hear Matt and his buddies made it back safely. Also nice to hear him brag about having the brightest lights on the group. If you would like to share your Black Oak story please send us and email with pictures.

Thanks again Matt for the awesome photos.

There is danger around every turn but not seeing the turn is the real danger.

Pat knows first hand about the dangers of unsafe driving. Pat is a police officer in the ice covered roads of northern Canada and this is his professional opinion about his 20" light bar. Be sure to check out the photos.

"As a police officer in a remote community in Canada, I take safe driving very seriously. To be safe, you must give yourself time and distance to react to unforseen obstructions, changes in road conditions, wildlife, etc. Bottom line is: you can't react to what you can't see. That's why I bought and installed a Black Oak LED 20 inch double stack combo lightbar on my 2013 GMC Sierra. Thanks to this lightbar, my time and distance has gotten a whole lot bigger. Black Oak LED has given me the ability to see EVERY thing, making my ride safer for me and my family.To illustrate my point, see the photos below. 

Can you spot the imminent sharp turn to the right? My highbeams couldn't.

 My 20 inch lightbar could. Now imagine you were driving on ice as I normally do... Thank you Black Oak LED! Yet another excellent, quality product!

Pat Russell

Yukon, Canada

How my Ford Super Duty's LED Light bar got me out of ticket!


"This 40 inch marine light worked out great! Looks and works as promised. So well, that within 15 seconds of turning it on the cop sitting on the side of the road pulled me over. He said it was the brightest light he had ever seen... No ticket."
Randy Glaze 

Impressing customers has never been an issue with our lights but impressing a cop, now that's an achievement. Randy was let off without a ticket because the cop was so impressed with how bright the Marine Series light bar was. That is an inspiring feat. I also think he might have been a little jealous. Don't you?
All White Marine Series 40 inch Light bar grill  mounted inside Ford Super Duty
We love to hear our customer's stories, and while this one seemed like it was heading for a dark place, Leave it to Black Oak to light up the way. 

Way to go Randy!
The Black Oak Infrared LED Light 

Black Oak LED's infrared Light Bar and infrared POD's enhances night vision capabilities for military, public service and security operations. Giving you the light of day while still being covert and unseen in the pitch black night. The Black Oak Infrared LED Light is perfect to add to any FLIR system for additional lighting. 

Double Row Specs

 This 20 Inch Double Row IR light comes with 3 watt Osram IR LEDs. The 3 watt produces a 120 watt output, 12,440 raw lumens and draws 8.1 amps. At just 21.4" from end bolt to end bolt the 20 Inch Infrared Light Bar will fit almost anywhere!

3W Osram

 Black Oak staff personally test products to ensure usability. Their field tests prove 3W Osram LEDs are top performers in their 20 inch IR light bar. These provide enormous illumination while conserving battery power. 


Popular Uses for IR Lights

 An IR light bar provides invisible illumination that significantly improves night vision goggle or camera performance. They flood the landscape with 850 nm IR for detection, tracking and search activities. Ideal for government uses and Military night operations. Also perfect for the tactical individual or a range safety officer running a shooting range at night. 

Things to Look for in an Infrared Light Bar

 Black Oak's IR lights provide the highest levels of durability, performance and reliability due to top-quality components, rugged design and top-grade LEDs with 50,000-hour lifespans. They boast an industry-leading IP69K intrusion rating, a 30-day cash-back guarantee plus a limited lifetime warranty.



 Black Oak LED is proud of its military background. It offers a 15 percent discount to active and non-active military customers. Call their IR light bar experts today at 1-800-348-1287. Ask about the new IR light models such as their IR POD light and 10 inch IR light bar.