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How my Ford Super Duty's LED Light bar got me out of ticket!


"This 40 inch marine light worked out great! Looks and works as promised. So well, that within 15 seconds of turning it on the cop sitting on the side of the road pulled me over. He said it was the brightest light he had ever seen... No ticket."
Randy Glaze 

Impressing customers has never been an issue with our lights but impressing a cop, now that's an achievement. Randy was let off without a ticket because the cop was so impressed with how bright the Marine Series light bar was. That is an inspiring feat. I also think he might have been a little jealous. Don't you?
All White Marine Series 40 inch Light bar grill  mounted inside Ford Super Duty
We love to hear our customer's stories, and while this one seemed like it was heading for a dark place, Leave it to Black Oak to light up the way. 

Way to go Randy!
The Black Oak Infrared LED Light 

Black Oak LED's infrared Light Bar and infrared POD's enhances night vision capabilities for military, public service and security operations. Giving you the light of day while still being covert and unseen in the pitch black night. The Black Oak Infrared LED Light is perfect to add to any FLIR system for additional lighting. 

Double Row Specs

 This 20 Inch Double Row IR light comes with 3 watt Osram IR LEDs. The 3 watt produces a 120 watt output, 12,440 raw lumens and draws 8.1 amps. At just 21.4" from end bolt to end bolt the 20 Inch Infrared Light Bar will fit almost anywhere!

3W Osram

 Black Oak staff personally test products to ensure usability. Their field tests prove 3W Osram LEDs are top performers in their 20 inch IR light bar. These provide enormous illumination while conserving battery power. 


Popular Uses for IR Lights

 An IR light bar provides invisible illumination that significantly improves night vision goggle or camera performance. They flood the landscape with 850 nm IR for detection, tracking and search activities. Ideal for government uses and Military night operations. Also perfect for the tactical individual or a range safety officer running a shooting range at night. 

Things to Look for in an Infrared Light Bar

 Black Oak's IR lights provide the highest levels of durability, performance and reliability due to top-quality components, rugged design and top-grade LEDs with 50,000-hour lifespans. They boast an industry-leading IP69K intrusion rating, a 30-day cash-back guarantee plus a limited lifetime warranty.



 Black Oak LED is proud of its military background. It offers a 15 percent discount to active and non-active military customers. Call their IR light bar experts today at 1-800-348-1287. Ask about the new IR light models such as their IR POD light and 10 inch IR light bar.


Why are LED Lights and Light bars becoming so popular?


 When it comes to this question, let's look at what is happening in the automobile industry. Due to standard auto lighting problems, many people give up driving at night let alone the adverse conditions you may face. All too often we hear of complaints about lacking the sense of security when you driving on the dark roads, the stories of your friends friend unfortunately hitting animals running across the roads and totaling their vehicles. Many are taking their safety seriously and protecting themselves on the road by running a Light Bar or LED POD's




Maybe you're wondering what exactly an LED light bar is?


A Black Oak Light Bar boasts a very strong extruded aluminum housing with a nearly indestructible polycarbonate lens. Offering the option for both the 5 watt Osram LED as well as the 3 watt Osram LED. LED lighting is much more energy efficient and has a longer life span. It has become more and more popular for Off-road and on road usage and more and more people tend to use LED Light bars and LED POD's to make up for the inadequacy of stock headlights.




Your vehicle deserves a Black Oak LED Light to give a clear field of view. Visit the Black Oak LED website or call Black Oak's lighting experts at 1-800-348-1287 now to discuss which of their top-performing light bars or POD's to best suit your application.

Black Oak LED POD lights or a single-row LED back up light bar make driving in reverse safer with a full, broad field of illumination.

Scene and Diffuse Lighting Options


Unlike forward driving lights, an LED reverse light requires a broader and/or diffuse illumination field to avoid overpowering pedestrians or drivers behind you. Black Oak LED POD and Scene lights offer these options with 120-degree broad beam optics.

The Black Oak 2-inch Diffused LED light features flood lighting with a diffuse lens that throws a night-busting but soft beam rearward using four top-quality 10W Cree XM-L2 LEDs. Its low profile accommodates above- or below-bumper mounting. Technically similar, Black Oak's Flush Mount POD light mounts on any flat surface. Equip it with 5W Osram or 10W Cree LEDs to customize your illumination requirement.

Black Oak's 2-inch Scene POD is an ideal scene light. It has four center-mounted Cree 10W LEDs plus specialized 120-degree scene optics to light up a wide area for work or play.


5W vs 10W LEDs

Unlike cheap, imported LED lights, Black Oak selects only top-bin Osram or Cree LEDs for their products. Their 5W and 10W LEDs feature high-efficiency, 50,000-hour lifespans backed up with quality driver circuits and oversized, integrated heat sinks.


Popular Uses for Flush-mount PODs, Single-row PODs and Cube PODs

Besides making an excellent LED reverse light, Black Oak PODs find many uses:

  • Swivel-mounted PODs direct light wherever you need it
  • Single-row and cube PODs make excellent portable lights for work or camp sites
  • The 2-inch amber LED POD is a superb fog light
  • Boat owners use PODs for navigational and deck lighting

Features Setting Black Oak LED PODs Apart from the Competition


 Black Oak LED builds their products with the durable components and robust designs. Their IP69K intrusion rating against dust, ice and moisture leads the industry. All products offer a 30-day cash-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty and come with drastically lower prices than leading U.S. manufacturers.



Your vehicle deserves a Black Oak LED back up light to give a clear field of view rearward without blinding others. Visit the Black Oak LED website or call Black Oak's lighting experts at 1-800-348-1287 now to discuss which of their top-performing PODs or light bars best suit your application.

How to Wire Your Light Bar to Your Ford Upfitter Switches 


 For those that have a 2007+ Ford F-series you've probably always noticed the switches to the left of the steering wheel that seem to not control anything. Those are the Ford up fitter switches that were designed to allow for auxiliary control. 


 Installing a Black Oak LED light bar or LED POD in later model Ford F-Series Super Duty Trucks with auxiliary Upfitter switches is a breeze.


Choosing the Right Size Ford Upfitter Switch

There are three Ford Fleet bulletins covering the details of Ford Upfitter switches for various model years:

Refer to these bulletins to determine the location of the Aux switch wires, insulation colors and amperage capacities of each switch.

For example, model year 2008 Aux 1 and Aux 2 30A switches are yellow and green/brown, respectively. Aux 3 is violet/green with a 10A rating and Aux 4 is brown with a 15A rating. Thus, the Black Oak Curved 50 inch light bar can use Aux 1 or Aux 2 switches, whereas the 20 inch light bar with double rows of 5W LEDs would connect to Aux 3 or Aux 4 switches.


Installing a Black Oak LED Light Bar to Upfitter Switches

Simply disconnect the leads from a Black Oak wiring harness at the relay and set aside the relay, fuse and switch. Pass only the hot lead through the truck firewall to the correct blunt-cut Aux switch lead. The negative lead should be connected to a ground point inside the engine compartment.


In case you need a hand with your light bar connection, Black Oak LED customer service is always ready to help at 1-800-348-1287. Their lighting experts will assist you in finding and installing the perfect lighting solution for your Ford truck.


Take the Black Oak Scene Light on Your Next Adventure! 

The combination of four-wheeling with a 4x4, ATV or UTV and camping in the great outdoors is hard to beat. Be sure your camping kit includes at least one Black Oak LED Scene Light to fully illuminate your camping site.


Choose Double or Single Row


Black Oak LED Scene lighting features three flavors: the compact 2-inch Single Row Series, a 20 inch Scene Light Barand a powerful 4-LED, 2-inch Scene POD equipped with dark-crushing 10W Cree XM-L2 LEDs.

Their LED site lighting products boast specially designed optics with a 120-degree void-free beam that sets your campsite awash with bright white light.


3W vs 5W

The Scene POD, the 2-inch single-row and 20-inch double-row scene lights can be ordered with 3W or 5W Osram LEDs, so you can tailor the amount of light required: 550 raw lumens per 5W LED or 414 raw lumens per 3W LED. Thus, the dual-row 20 inch Scene Light Bar with 5W top-bin Osram LEDs outputs an astounding 22,000 raw lumens.


Popular Uses for LED Scene PODs & Light Bar

Since a Black Oak LED Scene light is built to equally rigorous standards as their vehicle lights, they withstand the harshest environmental conditions plus any jolts and knocks the outdoors can dish up. They love punishment.

Besides campsite lights, they are ideal work lights, docking lights and are popular add-ons for public service and emergency vehicles. They illuminate fully work areas or incident scenes with reliability and minimal battery draw.


How Black Oak LED Scene PODs and Bars Beat the Competition


Only Black Oak offers both top quality and budget-friendly pricing for LED Scene lighting. Their long-life LEDs, rugged aluminum housings, oversize heat sinks, generous use of stainless steel fasteners and shatterproof lenses spell a light that outlasts your vehicle plus the highest intrusion rating awarded: IP69K.

They back up all their products with exceptional customer service, a 30-day full refund policy and a limited lifetime warranty.




Black Oak LED is military veteran operated and staffed with outdoor enthusiasts. They personally field test their Scene light and pod designs to ensure they are fit for duty. Give one of their experts a call today at 1-800-348-1287 or visit the Black Oak LED website to find out more.