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February Giveaway...

Congrats to Levi Knowlton on winning this month's giveaway! 


Levi will be walking away with one of our 20" Double Row 5W Combo Light Bars.

Take a look at what Levi had to say about his Infrared Lights below:


IR Pods

My first impression when I turned the lights on was about like what I felt as a kid on Christmas morning.  The lights got me exactly what I was looking for!


I use your IR pods for driving under helmet mounted night vision.  It has helped my predator hunting, approaching where I park without running white lights allowing me to get setup without alerting the game that I’m there.


Thanks again for the great lights!

January Giveaway ...

Congrats to Mitch Hoihjelle on winning this month's giveaway!


Mitch will be walking away with a 20 Inch Double Row 5W Combo Light Bar


Take a look at what Mitch had to say about his lights below:


Black Oak LED Light Bars

The lights are awesome so we have 2 4in spot lights on boom arm, 1 10 in bar, 2 diffused flush mount in the grill and one 2 in diffused for back up light! My first thought was when i watched your youtube video of beating the lights with a bat and dropping them in water ,that these lights are meant for us. Trees falling on them snow rain ice these will be perfect. The lights are insanely bright. We use the lights on a commercial forestry unit called a jarraff which has a 75ft reach. The lights have allowed us to work at night to help keep power lines maintained, and also used it at night to remove storm damaged trees right before Christmas.


There was 1000's of people with out power and black oak led helped us restore power so people could have a nice warm and bright Christmas. Also we are very confident we are the first company in the nation to trim tree’s at night based on social media posts! Thank you guys very much


December Giveaway...

Congrats to Michelle Wright on winning this month's giveaway! 


Michelle will be walking away with a 20" Double Row 5W Combo Light Bar.


Take a look at what she had to say about the lights she put on her new Bronco:


Bronco Lights


OH my God, it lights up the whole street/world." Also, when I took it out of the box I could not believe how high end it looked. I had originally seen the ADD Stealth Fighter bumper that I purchased for my Bronco with the Rigid Light bar and I just couldn't afford it, but it looked so high end. After ordering another brand and it looking terrible, I stumbled upon Black Oak. I originally just wanted a single line of larger lights...but oh my gosh am I so happy with this bar. Not only does it look just as high end as Rigid, if not even more so, the lights are pristine, and the dual line of lights looks so much better than the Rigid single line of large lights. This bar was like no other dual line light bar!


Most recently I got to use it driving down my in-laws' long wooded driveway. They live out in the country and have nearly a 1/4 mile long driveway. It is beautiful with trees closely grown up on either side that create an arch of trees to drive under, but in the dark it is pitch black out there trying to get to their house. This particular night it was hammering down rain and pitch black, we switched on the light bar and POW, no problem seeing what-so-ever. I mean we would have seen a deer coming from a mile away. It really was helpful navigating through the trees to get down to their house. Not to mention it just looks sweet riding around during the day while I'm in town running errands and such!! A++ for function and style!

November Giveaway...

Congrats to Terry Smith on winning our November Giveaway! 


Terry will be walking away with one of our 20" Double Row 5W Combo LED Light Bars.


Take a look at what he had to say about his Bowfishing Lights and Spot Lights below:


Black Oak Led lights rock! I purchased Black Oak Led lights for my boat. I got spreader and spot lights for running at night. They are bright and never fogged up from condensation getting inside. This was very important to me. I had other lights in the past that were very bright but after a couple of times on the water, they were going out due to condensation.


Since the Black Oak Led lights I previously purchased had held up so well, I decided to get some for bowfishing and get rid of the generator noise. I purchased the “scene” lights and they do a fantastic job of penetrating the water. They also have great coverage with 120 degree angle of coverage. I can now run SILENT all night long with two deep cycle batteries.


If you are looking for quality lights for your boat, truck or atv, give Black Oak Led a call. Yep, I said a call. This is another reason I chose Black Oak Led over other brands. You can actually speak to a human. Thanks Randy. Randy helped get me set up with the best lights for my needs and answered all my questions.

October Giveaway ...

Congrats to Eric Oparko on winning our October Giveaway! 


Eric will be walking away with one of our 20" Double Row 5W Combo Light Bars.


Take a look at what he had to say about his Marine Light Bars below:


Wow! with 22,000 Lumens up top and 11,000 at water level its awesome! I get compliments every time out.


I use my lights to go out into the ocean in Northern California to fish for Tuna 30-50 miles offshore. I caught this rare 200 lb Big Eye tuna in the evening and fought it for 2 hours and 45 minutes where we were 45 miles off the Noyo harbor. After coming in about 20 miles the fog moved in and sun went down and it was pitch black out. Without these lights we would not have made it back in the additional 25 miles. We finally landed in the harbor safely after 10:30 with our prized catch.

September Giveawa...

Congrats to Derrik Edler on winning our September Giveaway! 


Derrik will be walking away with one of our 20" Double Row 5W Combo's. 


Take a look at what he had to say about his lights below:


I recently started looking at green LED lights bars for my UTV, that I manly use for hog hunting. Like everything else, there were a number of option. I came across Black Oak LED. They had good reviews and had options for exactly what I was looking for. I started with the, 40 Inch Curved Hog Hunting LED Light Bar. Shipping was fast and I was excited to get started. During unboxing, I was surprised on how durable and well built the light bar was. With the provided brackets, wiring harness and instructions, I had it mounted and operating in a few hours. WOW!!! This thing lit up the world. I took it to one of my properties and did somewhat of a torture test. This thing got abused big time. I was extremely happy with how the light bar stayed in place without shifting positions or bolts coming loose. I was so please with my purchase I ordered a 10 Inch Hog Hunting LED Light Bar to mount closer to the ground. With the optional wiring harnesses offered, I was able to splice the two light bars and run them both on one switch. With the two light bars paired, I’m able to see long and short distance in open fields and heavily wooded areas. I was now set and had exactly what I needed for hog hunting.


Green LED Light Bars


I did notice that my stock headlights on my UTV weren’t quite bright enough to drive very fast safely during the night to and from properties, when I’m not using my green lights. There was no need to look at reviews or other companies. I went straight to Black Oak Led and purchased 2-2 Inch Diffused LED Pod Lights Pro Series 2.0. Again, with the optional wiring harness offered, I was able to splice both lights together and operate them on a single switch. I was once again floored by how bright these lights were. One would have done the trick but, I’d rather have to much than not enough. I plan to rig my truck with the same set up in the near future and will definitely be purchasing from Black Oak Led. 

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