Customer Testimonials
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Customer Testimonials


Phillip Tillman  -  

Product: 20" double row curved

"Excellent product, excellent customer interaction"

After mounting and wiring this 20" curved Black Oak, my friend the professional accessory installer, advised that this light was brighter than a competitor's 50" bar---which he had mounted the day before.

That generation of the Dodge 2500 & 3500 are notorious for having poor OEM lighting.  On first use after dark, my visibility both straight ahead and on the road shoulders increased 1000%.

Will be a great help in spotting Montana's roadside elk, deer, moose, and other hazards before it's "too late".

Excellent product, excellent customer interaction--------what more do you need.


Travis Nelson

Product: 20" 5w Double Row Series combo & two 10w LED PODs 

"You could see and feel the quality"

Really glad I chose Black Oak LED for my light bar and pods! When I first got them and took them out the box you could see and feel the quality. The light bar is a 20" combo 5 watt Osram and the two pods are 10 watt Cree. Install was very easy due to the provided instructions. I also purchased the splitter so that I could have both pods on one switch. When purchasing these I knew I was buying quality products but when I turned them on the lights way exceeded my expectations.  They are extremely bright! I do a lot of late night driving on multiple ranches and down many county roads that are heavily populated with deer and hogs. Using these lights have helped me avoid hitting them and have helped spot others when doing surveys on the ranches. Black Oak LED is nothing short of excellent in quality and customer service! I Highly recommend this company!


Fred VanDyke

Product: 20" 5w Double Row Series Curved

"Easily 5 times more light than the stock headlights on my RZR 900 XC"

Well, I finally finished the installation of my new Black Oak light bar! Mounting to my bumper proved a little challenging, so many angles... The first night drive was AWESOME and COLD, but I couldn't wait to try the lights outside. Easily 5 times more light than the stock headlights on my RZR 900 XC. The photo down the road illustrates it plainly. Stock headlights on bright barely shows one power pole about 250' away. With the 20" curved double row 5 watt Osram LED light bar you can see 4 poles, the 4th is over 900' away! Very impressive. After finishing my custom mounts, the rest of the installation, including the wiring, was a breeze. I wired the relay through the accessory circuit on the RZR so the lights turn off automatically 20 seconds after the ignition is turned off.

Works great! Thanks for a great product.


Kevin Kolodziej

Product:  50" 5w Double Row Series 

"Awesome visibility on our sites"

Awesome visibility on our sites when loading our cranes and equipment.

Thanks again.


Chris D'Arienzo

Product:  50" 5w Double Row Series

"It was more then I imagined and Im always looking to show it off"

Not too often do companies care what happens once they sell their product.  So getting a personal email makes me a happy guy. I don't know what my face looked like but I can tell you that my wife's face went from a *yeah whatever* face, to absolute shock, when I hit the switch on.  Followed by "oh my god."  To me, it was more then I imagined and Im always looking to show it off.  I use it hunting , traveling offroad to my spots and also on the outer beach here on Long Island where we can ride the shoreline with a permit.


Christopher P.  -  New York, NY 

Product:  20" Double Row Series and LED PODs

"Wow these lights are insanely bright."

I completed the installation of the 20 Double Row Series light bar and pods a week ago. The installation went smoothly thanks to Black Oak's excellent harness. Friday night November 27th I had an opportunity to turn them on off road at 9:30 PM.  Wow these lights are insanely bright.  They turn night into day. I can not imagine over driving these lights off road.  My primary use for these lights is for off road however, in the event of an emergency I would assist fire and police if asked.  Attached are several photos of my 20915 Toyota 4Runner with the lights installed and lit. I am so happy that I chose Black Oak for my light bar and pods purchase. Your company provides excellent service, support, and competitive pricing while delivering the best product on the market in my opinion.  I do not often laud companies or products however, Black Oak and their product line is one that I will recommend.


Todd W.  -  Collierville, TN 

Product:  10" Double Row Series Curved 

"Great light, great company!"

Nothing lights up the early morning sky like my new 10" LED light bar from Black Oak LED. Great light, great company! Everyone in my camp asked me where I got it. I'm loving my new 10" Black Oak LED light bar! Black Oak and green heads just go together.


Jace W.  

Product:  40" Double Row Series Curved and LED PODs

"extremely beneficial and I lead the pack now."

When I first turned on my lights I was stoked. They were exactly what I wanted. I love the high quality of the lights and I've had a lot of complements on them and people asking where they are from. I use my lights most for rock crawling in Moab. We have a big group that we go down with often and we do a lot of night trails. These lights of been extremely beneficial and I lead the pack now.

Rockland B.  -  Kissimmee, FL 

Product:  30" Double Row Series and LED PODs

"far exceeded my expectations."

I was pretty sure Black Oak Led lights would work well when I purchased them. I never anticipated how far and bright they would be. The lamps far exceeded my expectations the very first time illuminated all 460 watts. I am very pleased.


Shane Parker

Product:  Two 10w LED PODs

"I was investing wisely in the company."

When I first clicked on my 2 pod lights I wasn't overwhelmed with wonder by the illumination. Oh man then I spent a few minutes off-roading with them and was truly inspired to do an overland trip, especially at night. No more reason to stick to daytime. These tiny lights are for now and forever a part of my ride. Also I like a stock look so I found a spot on the a pillar fascia and drilled some holes for the tiny light switches. They are easy enough to switch off for innocent oncoming traffic that want to keep he retinas healthy.

I love the lights. I'll put more on but I am so happy I started with the pods to make sure I was investing wisely in the company.

Shane Parker


Russell Luliano  -  South Dartmouth, MA

Product:  10" Double Row Series Curved Combo

"Running my tractor at night was like running it during the daytime."

I installed the tractor when it was below freezing. Thank goodness the lights came as a turnkey installation package. It made the job in a very cold barn take an hour vs three or four. The illuminated switches are a nice touch, too. Running my tractor at night was like running it during the daytime. Why didn’t I do this sooner?


Kevin Brost  -  Medford, WI

Product:  20" Double Row Series Curved Combo & 2 - 2" Flood PODs

"This will definitely help me keep the deer out of my grille."

The light was truly impressive when I turned them on! The light spread far and wide. I live in white tail country. This will definitely help me keep the deer out of my grille. It will also be great for running the forestry roads at night.



Joel Fisher  -  Silt, CO

Product:  2" Flood PODs

"Oh yeah, these will work!"

Joe Paskoski  -  Palm City, FL

Product: 10" Double Row Series Curved Combo

"10" bar fits perfectly in the bumper."

I have been very happy with the quality of your led light barThe 10" bar fits perfectly in the bumper of my Honda Pioneer 10000. When I first turned the light on it look like my headlights went off! I will use the Pioneer to hunt with and know it will light up hogs way down the road. 

Thanks, Joe Paskoski

Jason Pearson  -  Summerville, SC

Product: 10" Double Row Series Curved Combo

"It helps keep me safe by freeing my hands to run my boat."

In was impressed with how much light such a small unit put out and then the wife told me to turn it off because I was going to piss off the neighbors lighting their house up like a football stadium. I use the light to navigate the lakes and rivers of Charleston, South Carolina area. I think it helps keep me safe by freeing my hands to run my boat and it also throws more light where I need it than a hand held spot.



Aaron Stroeh  -  Bremerton, WA

Product:  20" Double Row Series Combo

"I was very impressed with the amount and quality of light."

When I first turned them on I was very impressed with the amount and quality of light. I personally use it as a auxiliary driving light to enhance my night driving. This is especially helpful when driving home at night as I work swing shift.

Aaron Stroeh.



Matt Ryan  -  St. Johns, Canada

Product:  2" Flood PODs; St. Johns

"Awesome product guys.."

Heard you guys have contests etc... Well here's some shots of my bike at the moment with the pods ! Must say they don't block the air flow to the Radiator and they're VERY NICE LOOKING !!! Awesome product guys. THANK YOU :) !!!!! Very bright at night too when I take the shields off the cubes.

Thanks again, Matt.


Mitch Moore  -  Arvada, CO

Product:  2" Flood PODs

"Amazes me how much light comes out of thee little pods."

 I was truly truly blown away when i first had the chance to turn these bad boys on. It still amazes me how much light comes out of thee little pods. I like to use my Black Oak lights when on night excursions, they have now become a necessity when exploring paths after nightfall. The light these give off instills confidence when off the beaten path and they make me feel confident i will reach my destination safely. They also make a great source of light for your campsite as well,




Anthony Haus  -  

Product:  2x 10w PODs

"Instantly paid for themselves." 

"When I first turned these lights on, I was very impressed on light throw and output.  I have the beam adjusted just above the level of my high beams to get furthest throw.  Can you say portable sun?!

Instantly paid for themselves when I was able to see deer I would have hit with stock headlights."


Bryan Ossa  -

Product: 5" double row, 30" double row combo, 2x 10w PODs

"absolute abundance of light my two bars emitted into the night"

The excitement I had when I first opened the boxes for my lights is incomparable. I sought out the darkest area I could find and was able to shoot a short video highlighting how effective the lights were (turned on in this order: factory flood, factory low beams, factory high beams, 30 inch combo, 50 inch combo). I was immediately impressed by the absolute abundance of light my two bars emitted into the night; nothing could hide from the gaze of my truck! The lights themselves seem to be of sturdy build and, at first impression, seem to be made of quality materials that can stand the test of time (I will be keeping an eye on this over the next several years). A few days later, we got hit with some rain and the seals held true, as advertised - something which I find very important.


Robert Hardy  -  

Product:  50" double row combo

"this is the best light I've ever installed, I cannot believe how bright this is."

From the start of my first call to your business I was impressed. I asked several questions about your product. Because I had concern about the cost, I really did extra due diligence. With every other led supplier there were multiple complaints. I couldn't find one on you. I now understand why. This is a fantastic light. I had a local installer install it for me. We finished the install and took the ranger for a ride. We were both blown away with the results. He said, "this is the best light I've ever installed, I cannot believe how bright this is."

My first impression;

I've had several led and hid lights. Nothing I've had is as good as this. Unbelievable output, focused powerful light with the best spot and flood deliverables I've ever seen.


Both recreational and business. I have a farm with livestock. Great for locating stray cows when needed during the night.

Thanks for coming through as promised and delivering a product much better than I imagined it would be and I certainly had high expectations. I have and will continue to recommend this to all my friends.




Thomas Ellison  -

Product:  10" double row combo

"I wanted a quality light with easy installation, and that's exactly what I got"

The 10" combo fits great in the dash of the new Honda pioneer 1000. I wanted a quality light with easy installation, and that's exactly what I got. The stock headlights don't even compare to the height and distance of bright white light the black oak combo puts out. I was very impressed when I first turned it on. I camp and hunt mostly in the Everglades,  and many times riding in on Friday nights for a weekend trip. These lights help me navigate the miles of wet trails, and cypress swamps, on the way to our destination. Thanks for the great service Black Oak!


Tyler Truini  - 

Product:  2x 10" double row Combo

"Its like day light anywhere the lights shine."

My first impression when I flipped the switch to the lights in the dark was me speechless they are slick HIGH quality lights with a clear look on the road or in the woods its like day light anywhere the lights shine. I didn't know what to expect looking at other brands I've seen in person but after all of them I sided with black oak and would do it all over again and worth the money  time and wait to see them on my truck.

I use these lights on the back roads  and in the woods I'm a an offroad kind of guy and so is my truck. so I needed  lights that are high performance as my truck to keep me safe and shinning threw the woods and mud holes. I also use them to respond as a volunteer fire fighter to light up accident scenes to make sure everything gets seen and every one involved gets the help they need; no one gets left behind.  I use them for my military drills lighting up a firing range up to 350 yards away and to spot targets in the woods for training. . These lights are AMAZING keep it up guys no one has better quality


Theo Kocian - 

Product:  10" double row Combo

"Makes the factory lights obsolete."


WOW, this light bar lights up the night. Makes the factory lights obsolete.


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