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Electric Fishing Reel Battery 10AH Deep Drop

Electric Fishing Reel Battery 10AH Deep Drop loupe
Electric Fishing Reel Battery 10AH Deep Drop
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Introducing Black Oak Lithiums Electric Fishing Reel Battery, the perfect companion for avid outdoorsmen and fishermen. Designed to seamlessly integrate with your electric reel, it eliminates the hassle of excessive wires, creating a streamlined setup on your boat deck. This versatile battery not only powers your electric reels but also serves as a portable power source for Black Oak LED lights. Its completely waterproof design ensures durability and performance in any condition, making it an essential addition to your outdoor gear. 


-  10Ah Lithium (LiFePO4) Reel Battery & Portable Power Pack

-  Protective neoprene battery holster with shoulder sling

-  1x Power Cable (battery to electric reel)

-  1x Power Cable (battery to Black Oak LED Light)

-  2A Lithium Battery Charger


      Versatile Power Pack/ Electric Reel Battery

      IP-67 WaterProof

      Experience reliable power on your fishing trips with our high-performance electric reel battery, featuring seamless integration and a durable waterproof design.


      We are so confident in the quality and build of this battery, we went and backed it with our famous lifetime warranty.

      Hours of Portable Power

      Easily power a electric reel for an entire day of deep droping or a 10" Double row light bar for over 3 hours.

      Easy Installation

      We include everything you need to easily install–except for the electric reel. 

      Compatible With Any Electric Reel 

      Works with leading electric fishing reels, including Daiwa, Seaborg, and Banax models. Our custom power cords ensure reliable connectivity with any reel.

      Portable Power

      Power our full line up of LED light bars including our POD lights on the go. Connect and disconnect the battery to the lights in seconds with our waterproof Deutsch connector cord. 

      Built to Last

      At Black Oak we don't fool around when it comes to quality. With our military grade design, this unit can take anything a long run can throw at it.

      Dominate the Sea

      Unleash your predatory instincts with our cutting-edge deep drop electric fishing reel battery. Designed to provide unmatched performance, turning you into the ultimate predator.

      Is it really twice as powerful?

      You betcha! Here at Black Oak Lithium, we engineer our batteries using lithium iron phosphate technology, and it's a game-changer. Picture this – 60% less weight, a charging speed up to 5 times faster, and a significantly longer lifespan (we're talking 5-10 years longer on average). But here's the real kicker – the flat voltage curve. Unlike those lead acid batteries that start sagging as you use them, our Black Oak Lithium battery maintains a steady voltage for 99% of its charge. That means you're getting all that power down to the last drop and doubling the usable power compared to traditional batteries.

      Are these lithium batteries safe?

      Absolutely, positively safe and reliable! Our special sauce is Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) – no rare earth elements, no heavy metals, and definitely no lead or acid. It's non-toxic, non-corrosive, doesn't off-gas, and requires zero watering or maintenance. Plus, it plays nice in any orientation. And here's the kicker – it won't explode or catch fire. Each Dakota Lithium battery is equipped with a battery management system (BMS) microchip, protecting it from overheating, overcharging, and short-circuiting. We even put it in a rugged, fireproof, and IP67 waterproof case for good measure.

      How do I charge this battery up?

      Our 12V Lithium battery prefers to be charged with our 12V Lithium Battery Charger


      Got any deals for military or first responders?

      Absolutely, we do! At Black Oak Lithium, we tip our hats to the brave men and women who safeguard our nation. Military personnel and first responders, present and past, enjoy a sweet 15% discount. And guess what? If there's already a sale happening, we'll toss in an extra percentage just for you. Reach out to us at 800-348-1287 or fill out the form below to snag these special prices.

      What exactly does your warranty cover?

      We are human, and thus make mistakes. If you believe your light was one of these rare occurrences due to workmanship or material failure, send it back and we will verify. Once confirmed, Black Oak LED will repair, or otherwise replace, your light free of charge.

      How can I hop on board as a dealer?

      For wholesale and bulk orders, give us a holler at 1-800-348-1287 or drop us an email at support@blackoakled.com.


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