New - 20 Inch Marine Curved: Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 Double Row LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (120w/200w) - BLACK OAK LED
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New - 20 Inch Marine Curved: Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 Double Row LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (120w/200w)

New - 20 Inch Marine Curved: Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 Double Row LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (120w/200w)
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Marine LED Lights

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High Performance - Built to Last


This light has been upgraded to the New Pro Series 2.0, see below for all the new features.


From the second you use our 20" LED light bar, you will never hit the open waters without it. This is the perfect marine light bar for docking, interior, exterior, search, and navigation. This waterproof light bar comes in a white or black powder-coated color scheme and will give you a fantastic look and even better functionality! 

With our IP69K rating, you don't have to worry about ever getting moisture inside any part of your curved LED light bar. Backed with our limited lifetime warranty, you wont have to even take the risk! 


Activities & Uses: 

- Marine Spot light

- T-Top boat light

- Jeep hood light

- UTV dune riding

- Lower bumper truck lights


The New Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 - 20" Marine Includes:


-  Complete Wiring Harness with fuse, relay, & switch

-  Mounting brackets

-  All hardware, ready to install! 


Upgrades and Features: 


360° Ceramic Protection against UV, Salt Water & Corrosion

“To keep up with the harsh marine environment,  we created a ceramic coating for our lights. Baricoat ceramic coating was designed as a 3 part protection from UV, saltwater, and corrosion. Ceramic coating has become extremely popular for vehicles and boats and now come standard applied to our Black Oak  Pro Series 2.0 lights."


Baricoat Ceramc Coating Water Proof


2 Stage Hydrex Seal Lock IP69

Premium Hardware

“Introducing our Hydrex 2 Stage gasket redundant waterproofing seal! Allowing our light to be fully submersible, even after taking a beating. We put our lights through multiple extreme phases of testing and after each one, submerged the bar in a tank of water. We continued until our seal was absolutely perfect and never allowed one drop of water in. You never want to worry about getting water in your light during a bad thunderstorm or while battling rough seas, and with the Hydrex Seal you won't have to!”


 4x Stronger with Dynamax Housing

   “With our heavy duty Dynamax housing, each light is built to withstand the harshest beating possible. We made sure to do extensive testing before releasing our lights to the public. Our testing included; multiple hits with a baseball bat, throwing the light into the air, and using the light bar as a ramp for our truck. Whether you’re in rough seas offshore or battling some tough terrain off-road, we wanted to make sure our lights could withstand anything you put them through.”


Over 60 % More Light & Visibility

Flood lights

   “We updated our reflectors to produce a more efficient throw. We took what was already great and made it better, increasing the throw distance of our Spot lenses and widening the throw of our Flood reflectors. This creates a superior lighting pattern with over 60% more output.”


Multi-Mount 316 Brackets

“Thanks to the wonderful customer feedback and harsh marine environment of our location in Sarasota, Florida, our new Pro Series brackets are 9GA thick 316 stainless. We are all avid fishermen and outdoorsmen here at Black Oak and only want the best materials possible for our lights.”





 More Security


“New upgraded bolts with stronger threads for extra protection. We wanted to make sure our lights were as durable as possible down to each and every bolt. You never want to have a piece of equipment fail when you are out in the field, so we have increased the strength of even our smallest components to take this fear away.”



2x Stronger Lexan with UV Protection


“When you think of the strongest lens material possible, what do you think of? Here at Black Oak, we only use the best of the best Lexan Lens on all of our lights. Our lens has a built in UV protection to keep your lens from yellowing.”

Premium Dupont Coating


 “We us the highest quality Dupont powder-coating. We know how harsh our Florida sun can be to powder-coat, so we make sure to only use the best of the best on all of our lights. Utilizing a Heavy-duty Dupont Powder-coating, all Black Oak  Pro Series 2.0 lights are created to live in the harshest environments.”


Upgraded Harness


“Each bar will include a 12’ tinned wiring harness with an in-line fuse, relay, and a red on/off rocker switch connected by a waterproof deutsch connector.”







  5 Watt / Osram 3 Watt / Osram
Total Wattage  200w 120w
Amp Draw 8.4
Led Quantity 40
Weight 7.6
Raw Lumens 22,000
Warranty  Lifetime  Lifetime
Guarantee  30 Day Money Back  30 Day Money Back
IP Rating  IP69K  IP69K 
E-mark   E9   E9 



How do I know your lights are of the highest quality?

With IP68, IP69, IP69K ratings, the research has already been done for you! These standards give you clear cut pass/fail scenarios to ensure only the toughest of the tough get passed these guys, Including water, temperature, pressure, and sheer brute force.


What exactly does your warranty cover?

We are human, and thus make mistakes. If you believe your light was one of these rare occurrences due to workmanship or material failure, send it back and we will verify. Once confirmed, Black Oak LED will repair, or otherwise replace, your light free of charge.


I see 3w, 5w, and 10w LED options, what’s the difference?

You have the option between 3w Osram, 5w Osram, or 10w Cree LEDs. These are some of the brightest LEDs on the market! Don’t be misled, the 3 watts still put out an unbelievable amount of light! You choose just how bright you need it.


What is light beam spread pattern, and what is best for me?

Flood- Wide-spread light to illuminate the side and front of your rig. Perfect for those who want a wider cone of light than a spot.

Spot- Great for those who need those piercing beams of light that seem to travel forever.

Combo- Best of both worlds, the floods sit on the outside giving you the side blow-out of light while still shooting far with the Spots piercing far ahead.

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Carter B.
United States United States

Best On The Market

I initially had questions on choosing a light bar for my boat and contacted customer service for some help. Randy was able to talk to me directly on the phone and provided excellent service and even gave me examples of how he setup his boat. I primarily use this for late night or early runs fishing in the Chesapeake Bay and have to avoid several crab pot buoys as well as navigating in and out of a narrow creek. The 5W 20" Curved Marine Light Bar provides the extra peace of mind while running in the dark.

BLACK OAK LED New - 20 Inch Marine Curved: Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 Double Row LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (120w/200w) ReviewBLACK OAK LED New - 20 Inch Marine Curved: Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 Double Row LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (120w/200w) Review
Joe J.
United States United States

Great Product!

Just got the light installed. I may need to figure out where I want more Black Oak lights. The light bar is amazing! Great product!

BLACK OAK LED New - 20 Inch Marine Curved: Black Oak LED Pro Series 2.0 Double Row LED Light Bar - Combo, Spot, or Flood Optics (120w/200w) Review
Justin C.
United States United States

Makes running a boat at night easy!

When I turned my black oak led bar on I was like holy s*** this thing works insanely well, it lights up the whole marina! I personally use the black oak led bar to see on the boat when were running out offshore in the dark, it makes being able to see easy, and i never have an issue running in the middle of the night anymore.

Robert H.

Excellent light!

My neighbors house is about 500' away and the first time I turned the light on it lit their house up like day time. I was like oh **** and turned it off quick. Way brighter than I expected. We use it in the Chesapeake bay when out late so we don't run over crab trap bouys and in the creeks to find markers. Very dark here. Great light and excellent quality. 20" 5watt double row curved.

Paul R.


I really appreciate you reaching out to me today it says a lot for a company that follows up with their customers to see how they are enjoying the products they sold to them. When I first turned on the 20” bar I was super impressed with how bright it was it lit up my entire driveway and the half the field across the road. When I used them for the first time on the water I was amazed at how far out I was pinging markers with it. It made pulling back into the marina a breeze as it is a very dark marina with few lights or reflectors on poles coming in and it lit it up like mid day. My primary use for the bar is navigation at night and getting in and out of the marina. The water ways where I spend majority of my time can have alot of hazards if the damn has any amount of spill gates open. The bar allows me to see logs and debris that may be floating around.

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