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As summer approaches and the days become longer, we all pull out our calendars and begin planning as many weekend – or weeklong – adventures as we can. While there are many different ways to enjoy the outdoors, your vehicle gives you quicker access to a wider variety places, allows you to carry lots of gear, and still has room for friends and family to come along. While not everyone has the same idea as to what constitutes a good weekend out of the house, here are a few suggestions for unique activities to add to your itinerary.



Waterfall Hikes


When the sun is shining and the weather’s hot, few things are as refreshing as a swim in a waterfall at the halfway point of a hike. While mountaintop views are a great reward after some time in the woods, considering heading towards a waterfall instead. In addition to using the Internet, local guidebooks can be a great resource to finding unique falls in your region. The trails to them often aren’t as intense as a standard hike, which makes them accessible and enjoyable for nearly everyone in your group. Bring a lunch along and spend a few hours by the water before returning to your car, campsite, or home.


Craft Brewery Tour


We live in a day and age where craft beer spots are popping up all over the place. By stopping in at a brewery not only can you enjoy a wide variety of local beer flavors, you can also grab some outstanding food options, or even bring your own to snack on. Many places allow dogs on site, and more often than not there are activities for the whole family - even those not old enough to drink yet – that can make for a great afternoon no matter your age. Check out CraftBeer.com’s “Brewery Finder” to find somewhere near you, and please remember to never drink and drive.



Find the Milky Way


… and we don’t mean the candy bar! For those living in North America, the Milky Way becomes visible over the horizon to us between the end of April and late September. For best viewing, drive about an hour from your nearest big city, and choose a location as far away from other ambient light pollution as possible; this includes small towns, traffic lights, football fields, etc. Plan your stargazing trip based around when the new moon will be, as that will provide the darkest skies for viewing. The Milky Way will stretch up over the majority of the southern sky, and will feature clusters of color above you. While you can use Black Oak LED’s auxiliary light bars to find your perfect viewing spot easily, it’s best to shut off all lighting once you’ve arrived to let your eyes adjust to the dark. Bring a blanket and stay awhile… there’s millions of stars in the sky to see.

There are lots of options for things to do when the weather’s great and days are longer. Break free from the norm and find an adventure off the beaten path. Bring your camera and friends, and you’re bound to have a great time. Be sure to tag vehicle photos with #BlackOakLED so we can see where your summer takes you!

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