The GoPod

Ryan McKee - 9/25/18

Almost any time there’s an after-dark outdoor adventure taking place, light is without a doubt a necessary component. Despite straight and curved light bars, recessed LEDs, rock lights, and even the best flashlights, it’s not uncommon to find yourself looking for more light in a place where it just isn’t shining. Rest assured, you’re not the only one with this problem, and for those of us not able to install 360 degrees of lights on our vehicles, Black Oak LED has come up with a clean and easy solution to putting light anywhere you want it: the GoPod.

Available with a variety of RAM Mounts, the GoPod is an absolute must have for any adventurer or traveler. It’s able to clamp to tubes and poles, stand alone on an adjustable tripod base, or suction cup to your window, boat, vehicle, or nearly any other flat surface. Packing in a whopping 3,120 lumens of LED powered light while drawing a negligible 2.8 amps of 12v power, this new product-line offers the perfect lighting solution for almost any situation you could invent. Broken down on the side of the road, the 20-foot cigarette plug wiring harness could get you under your vehicle that you’re working on. Setting up a campsite at night it can clamp to a pop-up tent or suction cup to your vehicle window while being adjustable enough to aim in any direction, or take it fishing and attach it to your boat’s railings or even the sides, utilizing the light to illuminate the water below you.

Available in both a white and black fixture housing with each of the three available mounts, there’s hardly a situation imaginable on land or water where the combination of Black Oak’s LED Pod Light and the RAM Mount options wouldn’t get you a great primary or back-up light source. Be sure to check out the product page to see what GoPod configurations would work for you here!