Time to Gear Up
To most hunters, "gear up" includes the rifle or shotgun, scope, camouflage, and stand or blind, generally, everything except the lighting. Those who hunt at dawn or dusk, and think about the light at all, tend to choose a scope with light gathering capability. Experienced hunters know that external LED hunting light setups, regardless of the animal being hunted will aid in a successful hunt. Whether predator or prey, coyote, deer, ducks, geese, or hogs, the right LED hunting light, a Red light bar, a Green light bar, or an IR light bar, will turn the dark of night into the light of day. 

Once the decision to use LED lighting is made, there are other factors to consider. Unlike cheaper alternatives, Black Oak LED lighting comes complete with all wiring and hardware necessary for an easy setup and making them virtually "plug and play" as for as installation is concerned. All Black Oak LEDs are tough as nails and completely waterproof. Every Black Oak light bar has a flexible, impact-resistant coating called a "powder coat." 

Although, choosing a particular color LED for low light conditions is largely a matter of personal preference and personal experience, as is whether or not the LEDs should be spread wide or focused into a tight beam. In addition, Black Oak light bars, whether red, green or infrared, use true colored LEDs, not just white LEDs with a colored filter or shade, so there is no white light leakage around the edges or reduced brightness that you find using a color filter. 

The red light bar, for example, causes the least eye-strain for the available spectrum. In addition, the red light bar is the most likely to cause the animal's eyes to reflect or "flash." For hunting hogs at night, or in low light conditions, the green light bar is less visible to the animal than either red or white and brings out contrast so that you see the hog more easily. The Black Oak Double Row Series LED green light bar comes equipped with true green LEDs, balancing intensity and brightness and creating the perfect light for hunting feral hogs.  Deer see blue light readily, and see the green light if it is pointed directly at them, but are almost blind to red light. Coyotes are virtually red-green colorblind, seeing both as a shade of brown or amber, and making red or the green the colors for coyote hunting. 

The Black Oak IR Light Pod is made to fit perfectly on your pickup, all-terrain-four-wheeler, dune buggy or golf cart, allowing you to move undetected while lighting up your environment for easy visibility. The predator IR light bars are designed to maximize "eye shine" while eliminating any distortion caused by rain and fog.


The Black Oak Bow LED Lighting Kit and the Black Oak fully waterproof Marine Series LED light bar give you full vision to keep you safe on dark waterways while hunting waterfowl, allowing you to turn on the front-facing light bar with one switch and the side-facing light bars with another. The Black Oak curved LED Light Bars are designed to fit vehicle contours, and because they point light in semi-circle, give you better coverage than straight light bars. 

Even if you do not have the room for a full-sized light bar, the LED pod light gives you the brightness of a light bar in a smaller, easier-to-use array. Like its full-sized big brother, LED pod lights are guaranteed to last a lifetime. Regardless of which one you choose, Black Oak LEDs have been known to outlast the vehicles they are mounted on. 

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