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There is danger around every turn but not seeing the turn is the real danger.

Pat knows first hand about the dangers of unsafe driving. Pat is a police officer in the ice covered roads of northern Canada and this is his professional opinion about his 20" light bar. Be sure to check out the photos.

high beams

"As a police officer in a remote community in Canada, I take safe driving very seriously. To be safe, you must give yourself time and distance to react to unforseen obstructions, changes in road conditions, wildlife, etc. Bottom line is: you can't react to what you can't see. That's why I bought and installed a Black Oak LED 20 inch double stack combo lightbar on my 2013 GMC Sierra. Thanks to this lightbar, my time and distance has gotten a whole lot bigger. Black Oak LED has given me the ability to see EVERY thing, making my ride safer for me and my family.To illustrate my point, see the photos below. 

Can you spot the imminent sharp turn to the right? My highbeams couldn't.

 My 20 inch lightbar could. Now imagine you were driving on ice as I normally do... Thank you Black Oak LED! Yet another excellent, quality product!

Pat Russell

Yukon, Canada




Cruising a beach, forest or desert trail or working on the ranch with your UTV or Side-by-side is more enjoyable and safer with reliable, powerful vehicle lighting. Black Oak LED offers rugged, weatherproof UTV light bar solutions for any vehicle brand.

Popular Sizes of Light Bars for UTV / Side by Side

The most popular LED light bar for UTV use is a combo beam 20-inch Black Oak dual-row D-Series LED light bar  equipped with 40 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs. Enjoy up to 22,000 lumens of night-busting light mounted forward or on the rear of your side-by-side. It fits easily on a bumper, grill, gear rack or overhead roll bar.

Other popular LED lights for side by side vehicles are Black Oak's versatile 2-inch 40W pod lights with flush or turret mounts. Illuminating rough terrain while offering a stylish look are Black Oak's rock lights in white, red, blue, green or amber.

Popular Light Bars for Side by Sides or UTVs

Shorter LED light bars, such as the Black Oak 10-inch S-series, are favorites with ranchers and hunters as rotatable spotting lights with high output. Recreational drivers typically mount a wider combo or spot beam LED light bar up to 40-inches wide forward for trail illumination and fixed flood beams for side and rear visibility.

A popular choice for a Yamaha light bar for the Viking VI are Black Oak's powerful 7-inch round LED lights that match the stock light styling while adding 8,800 raw lumens each from 32 LEDs.

Light Bar Install Tips for UTVs and Side by Sides

When installing your Black Oak LED light bar or pod, route wires within tubes or under trim covers to prevent snags. When drilling, use progressively larger bits up to the final size for a clean hole. If you are mounting several lights, consider employing a lighting mount bar and O-Type brackets for easy adjustment. Multiple LED light bar applications should take advantage of the Black Oak JK 6 switch controller and power system too.

UTV and Side by Side Mounts and Brackets

Black Oak makes mounting your new side by side light bar easy with a large selection of tube and flat surface light bar brackets to match their lighting products to any UTV or side by side. For instance, they carry 10 sizes of O-Type brackets ideal to mount your Polaris light bar on the frame or roll cage.


At Black Oak LED, you will find the best quality UTV light bar or LED lights for side by side vehicles at remarkably affordable prices. They utilize only top-of-the-line components backed by a 30-day cash back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. Call them today at 1-800-348-1287 to discuss your UTV LED bar requirements with their lighting experts.

Have you ever considered using our lights for marine applications? Are you tired of hitting the water and struggling to find your way? Black Oak LED turns any back water adventure into a success!

Everyone knows our lights are tough, really tough. Built to withstand all the elements which makes it great to use for a marine application. Click here to see the full line of Marine Series Lights



Click here to see the full line of Marine Series Lights


 If you're currently running Black Oak LED's on your vessel send us a photo and be entered in the next months giveaway for a 20 inch double row light bar. Click here to see the full line of Marine Series Lights





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With additional lighting attachments becoming increasingly popular, more and more motorists are deciding to equip their vehicles with an LED light bar. If you’ve ever experienced the inadequacy of headlights alone in certain situations, it is easy to see why they are making this decision, especially considering the durability and energy efficiency of LED light bulbs. With this being said, going out and buying the first light bar that catches your eye is probably going to leave you disappointed.

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