There is nothing better than a trail ride and rock crawling!

  •  – you may be ready for an obstacle, but is your vehicle? Having your drivetrain grenade on the trail hurts in more ways than one.
  • Trust your gut – if an obstacle approach doesn’t feel right then back off and reassess, it’s much quicker than having to do a recovery.
  • Have the proper tools to make your adventure successful - Make sure you plan ahead and have your rig prepared for the big adventure. As always, Murphy’s Law applies to any off road adventure – that’s why it’s paramount that you never wheel alone and go with a group of friends or the local wheeling club.


What essentials should I rig my vehicle with for my night time rock crawling?

  • Lights -  Rock Lights - Rock lights do an exceptional job at lighting the path and obstacles beneath you.
          Black Oak LED POD's - Use LED POD's to light up a scene or the ditches                                 and obstacles to the sides of the vehicle.
          Black Oak LED Light Bars - Use Light Bars to put the light down range to see any oncoming obstacles. 
  • Lift Kit - The important thing to remember when choosing a lift is that you need to give your tires room to travel up and down; so choose a lift that can clear your tires.

  • Wheels & tires -Picking Wheels & tires for your 4×4 can be overwhelming since there are so many brands and styles to choose from. Typically a trail rig or rock crawler a mud terrain tire and a bed locking rim is preferable. 

  • Gears - The factory gears aren’t designed to handle the additional pressure that comes with oversized tires. Crawling with oversized tires and stock gears is a surefire way to grenade a drivetrain.

  • Recovery equipment - The last thing you want is to be high centered or stuck on the trail with a broken axel with no way to recover yourself.