How my Ford Super Duty's LED Light bar got me out of ticket!


"This 40 inch marine light worked out great! Looks and works as promised. So well, that within 15 seconds of turning it on the cop sitting on the side of the road pulled me over. He said it was the brightest light he had ever seen... No ticket."
Randy Glaze 

Impressing customers has never been an issue with our lights but impressing a cop, now that's an achievement. Randy was let off without a ticket because the cop was so impressed with how bright the Marine Series light bar was. That is an inspiring feat. I also think he might have been a little jealous. Don't you?
All White Marine Series 40 inch Light bar grill  mounted inside Ford Super Duty
We love to hear our customer's stories, and while this one seemed like it was heading for a dark place, Leave it to Black Oak to light up the way. 

Way to go Randy!