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Our LED light PODs are one of our most in demand lighting options for many reasons. Not only do they pack a big punch for a fixture with such a small aluminum housing, but they’re extremely durable and can be easily mounted in multiple locations on almost any vehicle. While this is true, there are some instances where this might not be the case for your mounting application. For example, you want to add some driving lights to your front bumper-- but there’s not factory fog light location on your vehicle. Or your tail lights are terrible and there’s no place in the rear of your vehicle to mount to.

Enter The Flush Mount POD!

This LED work light uses a flush mounted mounting bracket that allows you to embed the housing of the light behind your mounting location so that the front lens sits flush with the mounting surface. It can be mounted to any flat surface with a dimension of 5’’ wide x 4’’ tall by 3.5’’ deep. The Flush Mount POD provides a sleek and clean way to add an immense amount of white light to your truck, atv, or utv while keeping a stock look that’s highly preferred amongst many aftermarket modification enthusiasts.

Let’s talk output and purpose…

As we covered, most people use this style light as a front or rear bumper mount on stock and aftermarket bumpers. But which optic do we choose for each application? Well this depends on what your using it for and typically is best answered by the speed your traveling at when you need the extra light. Let’s look at a couple of scenarios.

4 Flush Mount Lights In Aftermarket Bumper

Scenario 1 -

You just purchased an aftermarket bumper for your truck and it has cut outs already set up for the dimensions mentioned above for our Flush Mount PODs. This is your daily driver and you do some back roads commuting where there’s lots of deer to watch out for. Your average speed is 35-40mph. For this application, you’ll want to go with our flood beam which throws light out over 500m to ¼ lux at a 40-60 degree beam pattern. That way you’ll have both distance and spread to see deer far enough ahead to slow down and still be able to see off into the shoulder or ditches.

Scenario 2 -

You own an off-road vehicle that wasn’t built with factory fogs. Your headlights are fine for main roads, but you’re constantly creeping through trails at speeds less than 10 mph. Often you have to get out of your vehicle to make sure it’s safe before you proceed and when you find a place to rest, you need some area light to set up camp. For this application, our diffused beam is definitely best. The diffused lens scatters the light at a 120 degree beam angle giving you no hot spot and maximum light dispersion out to about 150ft. Almost always-- You’ll want to go with diffused as auxiliary reverse lights too because you’re typical speed while reversing is less than 5 mph.

Flush Mount Reverse Lights

Super Bright - Like Daylight

All of our PODs are built with an oversized heat sink which enables us to pack four 10 watt cree LEDs into each unit! This is one of the main reasons why all of our led light bars and PODs produce such high lumen outputs. Here are just a couple of recent reviews we received concerning our PODs:

“These are the highest quality lights I’ve seen. The light output is amazing. The sales team was very helpful choosing the combo of lights for my application.”

- Dustin Yantis: 1999 Peterbilt 379 EXHD

“My first impression was "WOW" I'm running 55 watt HID'S on both low and high beam. My Black Oak lights drown out my headlights. They definitely light up the night.”

- John Hammond: 2007 Chevy Tahoe

As you may notice, our team is focused on helping people to find the best lighting setup for their vehicle. Whether that’s Flush Mount PODs or a roof mounted light bar, we’d be happy to give you an honest assessment of what you need for your specific application. If you need any direction in choosing what’s best for you, feel free to give us a call at 800-348-1287 or contact our team directly through our Support Form. We look forward to helping you in any way we can!

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