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Doing your research on LED products can sometimes be a bit daunting. At Black Oak LED, we make things simple and user friendly. Our customer service is ready to answer any questions you may have at a moments notice. Black Oak LED knows that new LED light bar shoppers initially find a market flooded with cheap imported lights or brands at wallet-busting prices. However, Black Oak LED answers all of your LED Lighting needs. Black Oak LED offers high-performance, high-quality LED lights for the best light bar on the market at tremendously competitive prices.

3W vs 5W vs 10w

At Black Oak, choose the luminosity that works best for your vehicle, boat or other application by specifying product size and LED power. Light bars come with either 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs. Pods are equipped with 5W Osram LEDs or 10W Cree LEDs.

Luminosity is proportional to LED wattage. So, a 10W LED is about twice as bright as a 5W LED. However, light bar current draw is more efficient using higher wattage LEDs.

Osram LED

Black Oak's extensive side-by-side research gives Osram the edge in their light bars, round LED lights and as an option in their light pods. Osram has been making lighting products over 100 years that are known for high quality and efficiency.

Cree LED

Cree, Inc. is a U.S. company that has made LEDs since 1989. Their 10W XML-2, used in Black Oak's 2-inch LED pods, produces the best raw lumen output of 130 lumens per watt. It maintains 95 percent luminosity throughout its lifetime.

Double vs Single Row Specs

Every Black Oak double row light bar and single-row light bar can be fitted with 50,000-hour lifespan 3W or 5W LEDs. You may also choose from three beam configurations: Flood, Spot or Combo.

Black Oak light bar specs using 3W or 5W LEDs meet or exceed those of light bars costing twice as much:

Things to Look for in the Brightest LED Light

Just as important as brightness is durability, reliability, efficient performance plus meaningful guarantees and warranties.

International standards measure a light bar's ability to withstand rain, snow, dust and submersion. Black Oak products have achieved the highest rating possible of IP69K.

Besides high end LEDs, Black Oak employs rugged circuitry, torture-proof aluminum enclosures and oversize, integrated heat sinks. Lenses are a shatterproof polycarbonate.

Black Oak products are backed by a no-hassle, 30-day full refund guarantee plus a limited lifetime warranty.


You want the best light bar made, long-lasting performance and an affordable price. At Black Oak LED, you find all three of these attributes.

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