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10 inch LED Light...

10 Inch LED Light Bars

A 10 inch LED light bar is an extremely popular size among on- and off-road vehicle owners because of its illumination wallop and placement versatility. They also work as a beefy motorcycle headlight, UTV/ATV/Sand buggy trail light or a great way for boats to light up decks, cabins or docks in singles or pairs. There is also no better size for use as a portable/rotatable camp or work site light.



Highest Quality at Blow-Away Prices

All of the above applications presume the purchase of a high-quality LED light bar, which features the ruggedness, durability and high performance that makes them truly useful and makes the last. The best light bars are built to withstand shocks, vibration, moisture, dust and any weather you can imagine.

Black Oak LED recognizes that everyone has a budget, however, so they took as their mission to build LED light bars with the highest standards at affordable prices. They succeeded in that mission with flying colors.

Whether you are shopping for a 10 inch double row light bar or 10 inch single row light bars, they have products with specs that match or exceed anything made by the oldest, biggest names in LED vehicle lighting but at hundreds of dollars less. When you come right down to it, choosing a Black Oak LED light bar is a no-brainer decision.






Double versus Single Row LED Light Bars from Black Oak

Black Oak's 10-inch single-row light bar sports 10 high-power LEDs, a 12-inch length and a 2-inch height profile. The 10-inch Double Row Series light bar uses 20 LEDs in two rows, is 11.4 inches long and has a height of 3.2 inches. With mounting brackets, both styles are 13 inches in overall length.

Either style can be ordered with either 3W or 5W top-bin OSRAM LEDs, which have both the highest efficiency and longest life of any LED on the market.

S-Series and Double Row Series Light Bar Key Specifications

To spell all this out, here are their respective specs:

Double Row Series 10 Inch Light Bar*

S-Series 10 Inch Light Bar





Number of LEDs





Total Wattage





Current Draw





Raw Lumens





Beam Options

Long-reach Spot, Wide Angle Flood or Combination Beam

*The Double Row Series also comes in a curved housing style, which provides not only a stylish look, but extends the beam width of both the Flood and Combo beam patterns.




Waterproof and Dust Proof

Both styles of Black Oak's LED light bars boast an IP69K intrusion rating against submersion, rain, ice, snow and dust. That is the highest rating obtainable in the LED light bar industry. Each light bar also meets U.S. Military standard MIL810-STD. Every light bar comes with an IP69K rated wiring harness too, which includes cable, Deutsch connector, high-power relay, switch and fuse. Highly corrosion resistant end brackets and mounting hardware fill out a complete package that is mount-ready straight out of the shipping carton.

Both the S-Series 10 LED light bars and the Double Row Series are built with redundant, close tolerance LED driver electronics, shatterproof lenses, hi-tech optics and oversize, integrated heat sinks, so every LED runs cool and at maximum luminosity for its entire 50,000-hour rated lifetime.




What Buyers Are Saying

Buyers rarely fail to express amazement at the quality "feel" of these lights when they first take them from the carton. It is one thing to see these light bars torture-tested by Black Oak, but quite another to hold one in your hands and realize your LED light bar dollar was well-spent.

Neither does Black Oak disappoint in the brightness department. "Night into day" is a popular statement in buyer reviews along with expressions of satisfaction at how the sip power, especially compared to their night-shattering luminosity. Buyers also love how easy they are to adjust. Regardless of the application, they are almost universally rated with five stars in LED light bar reviews.

The lack of alternative mounting options has drawn a couple of negative comments here and there, but Black Oak is working on covering that gap.


Lifetime Warranty and Money-Back Guarantee

Naturally, Black Oak knows how much time and effort has gone into the design, engineering and component selection of every 10 inch LED light bar and every other size they make. That is why they unhesitatingly offer a 30-day, 100 percent, cash-back satisfaction guarantee on their products. Furthermore, they stand behind the build quality of their light bars with a limited lifetime warranty against defects. In case of problems, their stellar customer service is there to help sort them out.


The bottom line is that Black Oak is upending the vehicular LED lighting market with the highest quality, highest performing, most reliable LED light bars offered anywhere at reasonable prices that are often half that of equivalent size light bars by the best-known light bar makers anywhere.

So, what are you waiting for? The best use of your vehicle lighting budget is right here and Black Oak is awaits your order. Give them a call any weekday from 8AM to 5PM ET at their toll-free number, 1-800-348-1287, or order online You will have the best 10-inch LED light bar in your hands within a few day