How to Install and Wire an LED Light Bar

Wiring up an LED light bar to your vehicle can be an intimidating task. However, if you follow the right steps, it needn’t be that complicated. In order to make mounting your light bar as easy and hassle-free as possible, we’ve compiled this short guide. Follow it, and you’ll be lighting up the road in no time at all.

Step 1: Attach the Light to Your Vehicle

After you’ve determined where on your vehicle you wish to mount your LED light bar, the first step is to get it secured. Use the screws and washers that came with your mounting bracket to attach the light to the bracket, then attach the bracket to your vehicle using the second set of screws and bolts. Unless your vehicle is pre-drilled, you may have to drill holes where you wish to attach your light. Measure the positions of the holes on your bracket and then drill holes that match those positions on your vehicle. After you have the holes in place, simply tighten the bracket and light down.

Step 2: Connect Your Wires

Once you have your LED light bar firmly secured to the mounting bracket and the mounting bracket firmly secured to your vehicle, it is time to start connecting the wiring. Start by running the wires from the light bar to the relay switch. Connect the red wire from the light to the red wire on the switch and the black wire from the light to the black wire on the switch. For these connections, it is recommended that you either solder the wires together or connect them using butt-connecters. After the wires are connected, cover any exposed wiring with electric tape or heat shrink tubing to prevent the risk of the light shorting out or starting a fire.

Step 3: Hook the Light Up to Your Battery

Once the light bar and the relay switch have been properly connected, you will want to route the red and black wires from the relay switch to the battery of your vehicle. Connect the red wire from the relay switch to the positive terminal of your battery and the black wire from the relay switch to the negative terminal of your battery. Make sure that these connections are solid and secure.

Step 4: Test and Enjoy

Now that you are all hooked up, it’s time to test and make sure that your LED light bar is working like it should. Remember to not stand directly in front of your light as you are turning it on in order to avoid the risk of eye injury from the light. Test that the mounting is sturdy by applying appropriate force to the mounting bracket and making sure that there is no wobble. Once you have ensured that your light is mounted sturdily and that all the wires are properly connected with no exposed wiring, it is time to go out and enjoy your brand new LED light bar!