-40 degree temps won't stop Black Oak LEDs

Those who live in the coldest climates on earth trust their life to reliable equipment. Imagine running out of food in the middle of winter in Alaska. The only way to obtain any is to endure the frigged temperatures. This would give most people nightmares. Having a light built from the strongest materials is a must. Especially because  Barrow, Alaska does not get sun for 67 straight days during the winter. Corey, a Black Oak customer,  has put our LED to the test. Subzero temperatures in Alaska are no joke.

"Attached is a photo of the curved bar I ordered a little over a year ago. This photo was taken in sub -40 deg weather. This is the 2nd winter in Alaska, its endured numerous days of flooding rain, mosquitoes, arctic weather and even an instance of being backed into by a full-size pickup. I’m pleased enough that I’ve ordered an additional 5 light pods to complement the light with more planned in the future."

Thanks for all your assistance!


Through the rain, -40 bellow weather, and an accident with a full-size pickup the Black Oak LED is still shinning bright.
Thanks for sharing your story with us Corey!