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Double Row, Single Row, Curved and Marine Grade 30 Inch LED Light Bars

A 30 inch light bar is an extremely popular choice for off-road or highway driving and marine applications.

Black Oak LED carries two models of 30 inch double row light bars for road and marine use, a 30 inch curved light bar and a low-profile 30 inch light bar with one row of super-bright, 50,000-hour LEDs.

Both their black and marine double row light bars boast 60 3W or 5W LEDs. The rugged aluminum housing, unbreakable polycarbonate lens, custom seal and 34 stainless steel fasteners achieve the highest dust/moisture intrusion rating possible: IP69K.

A waterproof wiring harness and mounting hardware are included plus your choice of spot, flood or combo beam. The marine version sports a saltwater-resistant white finish.

The 30 inch curved light bar has 60 LEDs in dual rows with equal high-quality build plus a stylish curve that extends beam width on each side.

Among 30 LED light bars, Black Oak's S-Series single-row light bar is a standout that stands two inches high. Its profile enables additional mounting options with up to 16,500 lumens of gloom-busting light in a spot, flood or combo pattern.

3W versus 5W LEDs

When choosing Black Oak's 30 inch LED light bars, equip them with 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs depending on your lighting desires. Extensive testing by Black Oak reveals their top-bin OSRAM LEDs outshine any 30 inch CREE LED light bar easily. 3W or 5W LEDs create 18,660 or 33,000 lumens, respectively in any dual-row 30 inch light bar they offer. Their 30 inch single row light bars output 9,330 or 16,500 lumens for 3W or 5W LEDs.

Popular Uses for 30 Inch Light Bars

Single-row 30 LED light bars from Black Oak is popular with buyers seeking a stealth and aerodynamic installation. It is powerful enough for a primary driving light or a pivot-mounted search/navigation boat light. Dual-row light bars set trails or work sites awash in daylight-like luminosity or brighten the darkest, loneliest highways.

Mounts and Installation Tips

Black Oak carries O-Type and U-Type brackets for mounting bars or flat surfaces. Use three progressively larger bits for clean mounting holes. Never connect a light bar to AC and avoiding looking directly at the LEDs. Nylon wire ties make a tidy installation.

Comparing 30 Inch LED Light Bars

When researching 30 inch light bars, pay attention to intrusion rating, construction details, the grade and make of LEDs and warranties. Black Oak's 30-day cash-back guarantee and lifetime warranty is unbeatable. Along with industry-leading components, construction and highly affordable prices, no other competitor makes a better light bar.


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