Golf Cart Lights: How to Up Your Game with LED Light Kits
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Golf Cart Lights: How to Up Your Game with LED Light Kits

Want to get more use out of your golf cart? Upgraded golf cart lights will make your cart safer, more attractive, and more useful on the course or around the neighborhood. With a simple installation process, Black Oak LED lights are your top choice when it's time to upgrade your golf cart headlights to something so much better.


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Why Add Lights to Your Golf Cart?

Many people use their electric golf carts for a lot more than just getting around the back nine after dark. Whole neighborhoods are designed for esidents to get around by electric golf cart instead of car. That's great, but your golf cart lights could be upgraded to work better whether you're cruising around the block or out playing at night.

Get Beyond the Bare Minimum for Safety

The most basic lights are simple golf cart headlights and brake lights. These come on when the golf cart gets power and they switch off when you turn the key off. There's a few problems with these lights:

  • They are probably not of the highest quality and you want something brighter.

  • They don't include turn signals, which are a requirement for street driving.

You can upgrade to a better light system to make your golf cart street legal. In addition to achieving the legal requirements, this is going to make you a lot safer, especially around faster vehicles like cars.

Style Your Golf Cart with LED Lights

Upgrading your lights with LEDs and a nice glow will make your cart much more stylish. Some people choose light strips for this. We prefer accent lights for this purpose. They are more durable, easier to install, and can be mounted almost anywhere. They are also super bright, making them ideal for lighting up the canopy or underglow of your cart.

Play Later, See More, and Be Seen

Of course, the best reason to upgrade is to use your golf cart LED lights to have even more fun. Black Oak LED has a wide selection of light bars, light pods, and accent lights. Mount a combination of them and you'll have all the light you need to turn your golf cart into an after dark adventure machine.

Lighting Options for Golf Carts

What are your options for lighting up your golf cart? We've already talked about them, but let's go over your options again with a bit more of a focus on the lights you'll need to connect to achieve the look you want.

Basic Light Kits Should be Standard

Your golf cart should come with lights right out of the dealership. They may even offer an upgraded package that makes your golf cart "street legal." These are your best options for things like headlights, taillights, brake lights, and turn signals because they will already be adapted to the cart's controls.

Canopy Lighting System

A simple upgrade is adding LED lights to your canopy. These can be any color you want. Choosing simple white or blue lights is great for keeping score after dark or being able to see better. RGB lights or color changing lights are brilliant for adding style and flair to your ride.

Light Bars and LED Lights for Visibility

The real upgrades start when you add a light bar and pod lights. Installing these will make your cart much more useful because they add a lot more visibility around you. Even a small 10" light bar from Black Oak LED will give you enough light to make it through the back nine with ease.

How to Install a Golf Cart Light Kit

The installation process is pretty straightforward. Pick your lights, choose the best spot, hook everything up, and away you go. There are some key details to pay attention too. Let's take a look at a simple four step process for installing your new golf cart lights.

1. Check Out the Voltage Reducer Requirements for Adding LED Lights

LED lights and light kits come in 12V packages. Golf carts are usually 36V or 48V systems. While that might seem to make things a little more ocmplicated, it's not too bad. You have two different paths to take to power your lights from your battery system.

  1. Check your batteries to see if they are 12V batteries wired in series. Three of these create a 36V system, while four wired together create a 48V system. If you've got 12V batteries, then use a voltage meter to find the battery that has only 12V of power. It's the first one in the series. You can wire your lights to this battery without worrying about any voltage reducers or transformers.

  2. If you don't have 12V batteries in a series, then you've probably got an 8V battery system with six batteries combined to create a 48V power supply. In this case, you'll need to buy a voltage reducer and connect it to the battery with the most power, which will be the last one in the series.

Either way, you can easily adapt the power from your batteries to connect to an LED light wiring harness.

2. Choose Your Golf Cart LED Lights

Pick out the lights you want to install. While we sell lights as big as a 60" marine grade light bar, you probably want something a little more discreet. We love the effect of adding a combination of lights. So two or four lights under the body, two or four more in the canopy, and a good light bar will set you up with a very strong system.

3. Pick the Best Locations for Your Lights

Once you've picked out your lights, position them on your golf cart to see how they look. You can use cable ties to hold them in place while you check them out. It's always a good idea to test your lights before you install them. So this is a great time to power them up to make sure they are working correctly and give you the brightness and coverage you're looking for.

4. Wire Up Your LED Light Kit

Now it's time to run the wires and get everything connected securely. You'll want to run the power wires from the battery to the relay switch and then from the switch to the lights. This is one of the key steps, so here are a few more tips:

  • Use a dremel tool or small drill to make holes for mounting your lights. You could also try strong double-sided tape, but screws are best. Your golf cart probably has a few fiberglass pieces, so be sure to use washers and rubber gaskets with your screws to create a strong installation without cracking the fiberglass.

  • We sell 2-way and 4-way splitters that will work with our wiring harness. Use these to easily add two and four light groups to a single switches.

  • Once everything is installed, go around and check each connection. Make sure each one is secure and watertight so you don't run into any problems later.

This step is the most stressful for many DIYers. Call or contact our team of experts. We'll be happy to confirm all the details like voltages, amps, fuses, and relays so you knwo you're getting the best setup for your golf cart.

Top LED Light Bars and LED Lights for Your Golf Cart or Club Car

Black Oak LED is a market leader in LED lights for cars, trucks, boats, and recreational vehicles. You can browse our shop to find lights and accessories for all kinds of models. Here, we've picked out some of the best to help you upgrade your golf cart lights.


10" LED Light Bar for Superb Visibility

10" LED Light Bar from Black Oak LED

The Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 - 10" Double Row LED Light Bar, with its compact design and outstanding 100w output, is an excellent upgrade for golf cart lighting. Its versatility allows for spot, flood, or combo configurations, ensuring optimal visibility on the course or when navigating through dark areas. With an IP69K rating for water and dust resistance and tough Dynamax housing, it's built to withstand any condition. Easy to install and enhanced with a 2x stronger Lexan lens, it offers both durability and increased light and visibility over its predecessors, making it a top recommendation for golf cart lighting enhancements.



LED Accent Lights for Interior Lighting

Black Oak LED accent light for interior canopy lighting

The Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 - 2 Inch Flush Mount Spreader Light delivers unparalleled brightness and durability, perfect for golf cart lighting upgrades. With its sleek, low-profile design and powerful 1,560 lumens output from Cree LEDs, it ensures maximum interior lighting in even the darkest conditions. Its IP69k rating guarantees resistance against water and dust, making it ideal for outdoor use. Easy to install with a stainless steel mounting kit, it offers a significant improvement over standard golf cart lights, enhancing both safety and aesthetics.

LED Accent Lights for Underglow Effects

Black Oak LED 4" accent light

The Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 - 4 Inch Flush Mount Spreader Light offers an exceptional upgrade for golf cart underglow lighting. With an impressive output of 3,120 raw lumens and a broad 120-degree light pattern, these lights not only enhance the aesthetics of your golf cart but also significantly improve visibility for night-time rides. The sleek, flush mount design ensures a clean and integrated look, while the choice of black or white powder-coated options allows for customization to match your golf cart. Sturdy construction and a comprehensive wiring kit make installation straightforward.

LED Pod Lights for Spotlights and Flood Lighting

Black Oak LED 2" Turret Light

The Black Oak LED Pro Series 3.0 - 2 Inch Flood or Spot LED Pod Light, with its choice of a 20w or 40w CREE XM-L2 LEDs, offers exceptional versatility and power for any golf cart lighting upgrade. Whether you seek focused illumination with the spot option or widespread coverage with the flood option, these compact yet powerful LEDs are designed to enhance visibility significantly. Featuring 360° ceramic protection against harsh conditions and a robust Hydrex Seal Lock for superior waterproofing, these lights are built to endure. Easy to install and providing up to 60% more light and visibility, this upgrade is a must-have for any golf enthusiast looking for reliable, high-performance lighting.

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