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There is danger around every turn but not seeing the turn is the real danger.

Pat knows first hand about the dangers of unsafe driving. Pat is a police officer in the ice covered roads of northern Canada and this is his professional opinion about his 20" light bar. Be sure to check out the photos.

high beams

"As a police officer in a remote community in Canada, I take safe driving very seriously. To be safe, you must give yourself time and distance to react to unforseen obstructions, changes in road conditions, wildlife, etc. Bottom line is: you can't react to what you can't see. That's why I bought and installed a Black Oak LED 20 inch double stack combo lightbar on my 2013 GMC Sierra. Thanks to this lightbar, my time and distance has gotten a whole lot bigger. Black Oak LED has given me the ability to see EVERY thing, making my ride safer for me and my family.To illustrate my point, see the photos below. 

Can you spot the imminent sharp turn to the right? My highbeams couldn't.

 My 20 inch lightbar could. Now imagine you were driving on ice as I normally do... Thank you Black Oak LED! Yet another excellent, quality product!

Pat Russell

Yukon, Canada

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