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Black Oak LED products are popular for nighttime fishing on fresh and saltwater. Use them for watercraft navigation, deck or colored LED lights for fish attraction.

Advantages of Freshwater Lights for Fishing

Freshwater or saltwater LED lights from Black Oak feature 90 percent efficiency and 50,000-hour lifespans. They sip energy and their IP69K intrusion rating means they are submersible. They work as floating fishing lights or a superb LED flounder gigging light.

The Black Oak 20W/40W 2-inch turret-style light pod or their marine-grade dual-row 6-inch green fishing light LED bar that outputs 6,600 lumens, plus a green filter make excellent fish attractors.

Popular Color LEDs for Fishing LED Light Bar

A green fishing light attracts bait fish, game fish and their predators. A green fishing light LED bar such as the Black Oak Marine M-Series dual-row, 60W/100W light bar illuminates a large area, which allows viewing fish directly.

LED lights for fishing can be ordered with a color filter. Without a filter they make excellent underwater flounder lights. Each light has a marine-grade version and all come with a complete wiring harness and mounting hardware.

Black Oak 2-Inch POD 4-LED Light with Turret Mount
Wattage: 12W, 20W or 40W
Illumination: 1,244, 2,200 or 3,120 raw lumens
Current: 1.1, 1.7 or 2.8 amps at 12VDC. 0.6, 0.9 or 1.4 amps at 24VDC.
Size: 3.23 high by 3.25 wide by 3.24 inches deep, including mount.

Black Oak D-Series 6-Inch Dual-Row LED Light Bar
Wattage: 36W or 60W
Illumination: 6,200 or 11,000 raw lumens
Current: 2.3 or 2.6 amps at 12VDC, 1.2 or 1.3 amps at 24VDC.
Size: 4.22 high by 9 wide by 3.42 inches deep, including mount.

Black Oak D-Series 10-Inch Dual-Row LED Light Bar
Wattage: 60W or 100W
Illumination: 3,732 or 6,600 raw lumens
Current: 4 or 4.1 amps at 12VDC, 2 or 2.1 amps at 24VDC.
Size: 4.22 high by 13 wide by 3.42 inches deep, including mount.

Mounts and Brackets for Boats

Black Oak carries a variety of O-type ring clamp mounts and U-brackets for mounting LED lights for fishing for saltwater LED lighting or freshwater LED light bars. All are high-quality aluminum with stainless steel fasteners.

Light Bar Install Tips for Boats
  • For above water LED lighting, order amber LEDs or yellow filters to reduce bugs.
  • For freshwater lights for fishing or saltwater LED lights, add flotation for near-surface operation.
  • Use an IP69K-rated wiring harness to keep out moisture, rain or dust.
  • Use swivel mounts for navigation lights or detachable mounts for work lights.

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