Uses for LED Rock Lights

An LED rock lights kit is a new category for LED light bar manufacturers that is quickly gaining popularity. Rock lights LED technology utilizes easy-mount LED mini-pods that are placed in any imaginable location in your highway, off-road or work vehicle.

Mounted beneath a vehicle's chassis, rock LED lights add an unearthly glow that imparts coolness plus a valuable purpose. When traveling in pairs or teams over rough terrain at night, following vehicles use LED rock crawling lights to spot hazards for the vehicle ahead. Spotters report the proximity of the leader's wheels, suspension or chassis to obstacles, which allows the lead vehicle and the spotter's vehicle to make travel adjustments as necessary.

Because of their relatively tiny size, an LED rock lights kit also makes an ideal interior light for vehicles, boats, RVs or cabins. They sip so little current that many buyers use a solar LED rock light or several powered by small, portable solar panels.

If you mount rock lights LED in a detachable way, they make excellent work lights as well for nighttime repairs or inspections.


Rock lights red, blue, green or amber can be ordered for a custom look or to reduce eye fatigue for nighttime hazard spotting. Naturally, white rock lights are available from Black Oak too. The latter's 3-LED, 9W rock lights output 495 lumens whereas colored rock lights provide 220 lumens per unit. They weigh just 0.35 pounds and need only 0.35A of DC current each.

Installation Tips

Usually buyers purchase several LED rock lights kits at once for placement around the vehicle's perimeter. Initially, attach them with wire ties or tape to ensure a perfect placement pattern before making a permanent mount. If you use a quick-attach technique with, say, magnets or clips, the lights can double as detachable work lights.

What to Look for When Shopping for LED Rock Lights

When browsing online for rock lights LED or any other technology, you may notice that many manufacturers fail to mention crucial specifications such as the kind of LED they use and the intrusion rating against dust or moisture their product can endure. Black Oak LED is proud of their industry-leading LED rock lights that carry the highest obtainable IP69K intrusion rating, only high-wattage Cree or OSRAM LEDs and the best warranty in the business. You have a 30-day, cash-back, no-hassle evaluation guarantee plus a lifetime limited warranty with any of their products.


For bright white rock lights or rock lights red, blue, green or amber with exceptional quality and the best prices anywhere, look no further than Black Oak LED. Research all their products at or talk to an expert now toll-free at 1-800-348-1287.