Black Oak is one of a few LED light bar manufacturers that offers all their light bars with a choice of flood, spot or combination beams. Each beam style offers distinct advantages in different applications.

Combo LED Light Bar vs. LED Spot Light Bar

A spot LED light bar from Black Oak's D-Series, dual-row light bars or their S-Series single-row light bars is designed for intense illumination concentration and reach. An LED light bar spot beam makes an excellent driving light supplement in lengths such as the 10-inch, 4,500lm S-Series bar or as hazard- or game-spotting lights in longer lengths such as the D-Series or S-Series 30-inch light bars. Black Oak combo beams, preferred by most buyers, are two-thirds spot beam LED light bar with a flood beam LED light bar at each end.

Combo LED Light Bar vs. LED Flood Light Bar
An LED flood light bar spreads the beam as much as possible for a wide angle view. This style is often sought for small light bars, like Black Oak's 6-inch light bars, when used as work lights or boat deck lights. Longer bars, such as their 50-inch dual-row curved light bar, offer the greatest sweep of dark roads, trails or work sites. Buyers of light bar sizes from 20 up to 40 inches usually prefer a combination beam that offers plenty of side illumination but plenty of projection directly ahead from the center spot beam section.

Mounting and Install Options for LED Light Bar Flood Spot Combo

Whether you choose LED light bar spot flood combo beams, Black Oak has several mounting accessories available from the standard, included end brackets to U-Type brackets, plus O-Type ring mounts in several diameters up to three inches.

Lumen Outputs and Beam Angles for LED Light Bar Spot Flood Combo

An LED spot light bar presents a narrow beam from 10 degrees to 30 degrees wide depending on the light bar model, whereas a flood beam spreads the LED light from 40 to 60 degrees. LED light bar flood spot combo beam patterns do not affect the total amount of illumination produced by the light bar however. For instance, a 40-inch Black Oak D-Series light bar in spot, flood, combo, straight or curved configuration outputs 44,000 raw lumens of night-busting light with 5W Osram LEDs or 24,880 with 3W LEDs.


Black Oak LED brings a long-awaited change to the LED lighting industry with product performance matching or exceeding all competitors but offered at economical prices. Give them a call right now at 1-800-348-1287 to reach a knowledgeable representative who will answer any remaining questions you have or visit their extensive web site at www.