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Black Oak Curved LED Light Bars look way cool. Their gentle arc matches your vehicle's contours in a way straight light bars cannot. That arch also spreads the beam for improved illumination of road and trail sides.


Lumen Output for Curved LED Light Bar vs. Straight Light Bar

Curved and straight light bars share the same technical attributes. Black Oak's 50 inch LED light bar curved or straight equipped with 100 3W 50,000-hour Osram LEDs outputs 31,100 raw lumens of clear, white light. Order the 50 curved light bar with 5W LEDs for 55,000 raw lumens of dark-crushing illumination. This bar outperforms any 50 curved Cree LED light bar.

Mounting and Install Options for Black Oak LED Light Bars
Every Black Oak curved light bar comes with heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant end brackets and stainless steel hardware. They offer alternative mounts including U-Type brackets for quick bar removal. They carry O-Type brackets from one to three inches. So, whether you mount your curvaceious LED light bar across the grill, on the hood, over the windshield or above the cab, Black Oak has the right mounts.

Curved LED Light Bar Features
Black Oak curved light bars include their 10-inch, 20-inch, 30-inch, their popular 40 inch led light bar curved plus the illumination master, their 50 LED curved light bar with up to 500W of gloom-smashing beam.

Every curved light bar includes these features:

Torture-proof aluminum housing and shatterproof polycarbonate lens
- Integrated heat sinks
- Industry-topping IP69K intrusion rating
- 3W or 5W Osram LEDs
- Choice of Spot, Flood or Combo beam
- Full wiring harness and mounting hardware
- 30-day Money Back 
Guarantee plus Limited Lifetime Warranty
- Identical price as their straight counterparts

Curved Light Bars Examples:

30-Inch Curved Light Bar

This light bar holds 60 3W or 5W Osram LEDs for outputs of 18,660lm or 33,000lm, respectively. Maximum current draw is under 13A.

40-Inch Curved Light Bar

The 40-inch dual-row light bar features 80 3W or 5W Osram LEDs, which throw out 24,880lm or 44,000lm of scorching illumination with current draws of 16.1 or 16.9A, respectively.

50-Inch Curved Light Bar

Black Oak's 50 curved light bar boasts 100 top-bin Osram LEDs in two rows. Order 3W LEDs for 31,100 lumens or 5W LEDs for 55,000 lumens. The 50 LED curved light bar never fails to astound.

Dimensions of Curved LED Light Bar vs Straight Light Bars

All of Black Oak's D-Series light bars, curved or straight, have the same length. Housings are 1.4 inches longer than nominal length. With end brackets, add another 1.6 inches. Thus, a 20-inch D-Series light bar is 21.4 inches long and requires 23 inches of space using the included end brackets.


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