The Sean Haluch Race Team

We race a Polaris RZR side by side in cross country style races all over the country and exclusively run Black Oak LED Lights. Racing like this demands the strongest, most dependable equipment and Black Oak LED delivers.

We run a combination of single row 10 watt flood POD's and 40watt Flood POD's in place of the stock headlights. We add amber covers for heavy dust conditions. These LED lights brighten up the track drastically even during the day, making the dark woods sections as bright as the open fields.

During night races like the OK Goldrush, we add a pair of 10” Combo 50watt single row light bars. This gives us incredible visibility over long distances even at high speed.

The quality of Black Oak LED lights is second to none. We depend on them as a big part of our race package, and they have certainly helped bring us our success so far. 

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