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Getting Ready for a Thrilling ATV and UTV Getaway


Today's ATVs and UTVs are more versatile than ever. From casual trail riding to fishtailing through mountain trail switchbacks to conquering never-ending sand dunes or UTV racing events, there is an ATV all-terrain vehicle or UTV to match. Preparing your vehicle, repair kits and safety accessories will ensure a successful, enjoyable trip.

Must-Haves for Your Next Ride or Race


It is critical that you wear a helmet and wear protective clothing including boots, gloves and goggles. No one expects to have a mishap, but stuff happens. For a safe and satisfying ride, here are other items you should bring:

  • - Toolkit with wrenches, pliers, zip ties, and the handyman's secret weapon: duct tape
  • - Tire plugs and an air pump
  • - Tow strap and winch
  • - First-Aid kit
  • - Nighttime lighting


Speaking of Lighting


Naturally, you intend to bring a flashlight – and fresh batteries – but consider upgrading your UTV or ATV with the brightest, longest-lasting LED lighting from Black Oak LED. Take a look at their large collection of LED light pods for starters.

A pair of 2-inch pod lights feature flush or swivel mounts, a variety of lenses and up to 40W/6,000 raw lumens of brilliance per pair. Use them for custom lighting layouts or work lights. For extreme visibility, choose a 100W Black Oak light bar for mounting front or back, low or high on your rig for safe nighttime trail riding.

Improving Your Visibility to Others


Exploring the many dune recreation areas in the western U.S., you will cross endless dune peaks and valleys stretching to the horizon. Roof-mounted LED light pods or light bars significantly increase the chances of being seen by others in addition to a safety flag.

Great, reliable lighting makes your ride more enjoyable, whether in dunes, the beach, carving up narrow forest trails or mastering teeth-chipping trails around desert rock formations. You can easily extend your ride time from pre-dawn to post-sunset.

Being Prepared Means More Fun


You chose the ATV all-terrain vehicle or UTV that is right for you and the kinds of activities you enjoy most from trail riding to dune hopping to UTV racing. It is well-equipped with all the essentials for on-trail repairs or mishaps.

Be sure to also include the most capable, affordable and durable lighting from Black Oak LED. Their LED lighting experts are ready to answer all your questions about rugged LED lights to match your vehicle and style of riding.

Call them now at 800-348-1287 or order directly from their comprehensive online catalog of LED lighting solutions.

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