Agricultural Lighting You Can Count on to Get the Job Done

Farm work, especially crop harvesting, frequently starts pre-dawn and continues past sundown. Plowing, disking, planting, or cleaning out the barn requires top-quality, high-output lighting to maximize your daily productivity.

Black Oak LED farming lights are power-efficient, durable and the brightest LED lighting for every agricultural activity whether you need a tractor light, combine light, loader light, truck light or reliable, battery-operated indoor lighting.

Advantages of Black Oak LED Farm Lighting

Black Oak LED light bars and PODs feature far longer lifetimes and use much less power than halogen, HID or filament lamps. Their advanced electronic and mechanical design make them ideal for farm work:

  • IP69K intrusion ratings to withstand sudden weather changes
  • Rain, mist, snow, ice or submersion do not fog these lights
  • Rugged powder-coated housings, shatterproof lenses and sturdy hardware resist vibration, rocks and branches
  • Osram or CREE power-sipping, 50,000-hour LEDs
  • Spot, flood or combo beam patterns for any application

Rugged Turret-Style 20W/40W LED PODs

Highly versatile Black Oak LED turret-mount PODs are ideal as a sprayer light, plow light, loader light, ATV light or a portable, battery-powered work light. Mount them singly or in rows to customize your lighting application. These compact two-by-two lights come with 10W CREE or 5W Osram LEDs, are available with spot, flood or diffuse optics and provide up to 3,120 raw lumens each.

Black Oak LED Dual-Row 30-Inch Light Bar

This dark-shattering 180W/300W 60-LED light bar is perfect as a combine light, tractor light or for planting equipment. Order one with 3W Osram or 5W CREE LEDs for 18,660 or 33,000 raw lumens of illumination, respectively.

Spot, flood or combo beam patterns reach up to 1500 meters forward. With input voltages from 12V to 36V, it draws less than 13A. Like all Black Oak LED lights, it comes with a full wiring harness, mounting hardware and industry-leading IP69K intrusion rating.

Universal Tractor Light Kit

For your plow light, sprayer light, ATV/UTV light or work area illumination, the affordable Black Oak LED Universal Tractor Lighting Kit is a flexible solution. Two 10-inch, double-row, 5W LED combo beam lights providing a gloom-busting 22,000 raw lumens of illumination. The generous wiring harness with fuse, relay and switch plus included mounting hardware gives you a choice of two-forward or one-forward/one-backward mounting options as your application demands.

Outstanding Products, Service and Support

For all your farm lighting needs, Black Oak LED has the most cost-effective solutions for any agricultural equipment, vehicles or buildings. These farm lights are backed by their famous 30-day money back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty.

See Black Oak LED's full catalog of industry-leading, affordable LED lighting and accessories at or call now at 1-800-348-1287 to speak to their knowledgeable customer support staff.