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     LED Light Bar Review

The Critical Part of Your LED Light Bar Purchase Evaluation

One of the most crucial sources of information you should consider when making a purchasing decision for an LED light bar are the experiences and opinions of actual buyers of the products in which you are interested. LED light bar reviews from real people furnish a big dose of reality to all the abstract descriptions, images, measurements and product claims you will consume.

Black Oak LED light bar reviews are very revealing about why their products are turning the LED light bar market inside out with top-quality, high-performance light bars that stand head-to-toe with the biggest, most respected names in the LED light bar industry. They do that while offering huge discounts that put their competitors to shame.

How Bright Is Your Light?

The headline feature for LED light bar buyers is brightness. Leading LED manufacturers, such as OSRAM and CREE have demonstrated the extreme power LEDs can deliver that simply overwhelm older technologies such as halogen or HID lights. Black Oak knows this, of course, so they use only top-bin, big-wattage LEDs in their products.

Optimum luminosity also depends on having the best quality electronic circuitry driving each and every LED. All Black Oak's circuitry uses the highest precision current control to drive each LED to its maximum brightness while ensuring its 50,000+ hours of rated lifespan. This is where cheaper light bars skimp and why those products dim within a short time.

That is how, for instance, Black Oak gets 22,000 raw lumens of bright, white beam from their extremely popular 20 inch Double Row Series light bar with 5W OSRAM LEDs or 3,120 raw lumens from their 4-LED light pods using top-bin CREE XM-L2 10W LEDs. Just ask Travis Nelson who has both of these products mounted on his big Ford truck:


"They are extremely bright! I do a lot of late night driving on multiple ranches and down many county roads that are heavily populated with deer and hogs. Using these lights have helped me avoid hitting them and have helped spot others when doing surveys on the ranches."

Travis could not be more pleased with the brightness of his 200W 20-inch Black Oak light bar mounted inside his bumper with a single-switched pair of 40W pods installed above. The rest of his review praises the quality of these lights and Black Oak's industry-leading customer service.


Here is what Christopher P. from NY says about the Black Oak Double Row Series:  

"Wow these lights are insanely bright. They turn night into day. I cannot imagine over driving these lights off road. […] in the event of an emergency I would assist fire and police if asked."


LED Light Bar Build Quality

Black Oak set themselves on a mission to provide quality LED lighting products that equal or surpass the biggest names in the industry. We already discussed how they use the best LEDs made backed by high-precision circuitry. They also designed the most rugged light bar housings made from heavy-duty, single-piece aluminum.

Each housing integrates a generously oversized heat sink. The computer-designed optics and LEDs are protected by a shatterproof, optically clear, polycarbonate lens held with stainless steel fasteners every two inches and a custom seal. Every light bar boasts an intrusion rating of IP69K against dust, moisture, snow and any other environmental hazard you may encounter on the trail or highway.



Here is a sampling of comments buyers regarding Black Oak LED Light Bar quality

Six Inch S-Series Light Bar Review

"I was happy with the service but the light is even better. Built like I would expect from black oak and the LED is very bright. Don't look at them!" - Cody

10 Inch Double Row Series Light Bar Review

"I was very impressed with this product! It went past all my expectations. The light itself was amazing, and the shipping was nice and neat. Worth the money!" – Sophia S.

20 Inch LED Light Bar Review

"Bought the 20 inch 22,000 lumens. Put it on my jeep the same day I got it. Came with mounting brackets and wire harness. Solid build material and get compliments on it all the time. Lighting is quality top notch. Will definitely be a black oak customer from now on." – Audie Atole

Top Notch Service

Black Oak's customer service is just as impressive as their product quality and pricing. They offer a 30-day, cash-back, no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee plus a lifetime limited warranty on all their lighting products, so you can buy with complete confidence.

They are available by phone or online to answer any questions you may have before and after the purchase. This is why buyers like Dante are wearing out the exclamation point key on their computer:

"I've purchased several lights from Black Oak and they have all easily exceeded my expectations! These guys are the real deal for sure! The quality is an 11 from 1-10 and the service is the same. I stumbled on Black Oak after doing some research and I'm glad I did, if you're looking for light bars, pods ect., do not hesitate to give these guys a shot...you will NOT be disappointed."


There is not much else to say about this outstanding LED light bar maker than what real buyers are already reporting. Black Oak simply makes the best, the brightest, the longest-lasting and most durable LED light bars on the market. They have priced their products to save you several hundreds of dollars outfitting your truck, 4x4, ATV, UTV, boat or heavy equipment with night-into-day luminosity that you can depend on.

Visit Black Oak LED at BlackOakLED.com today or give them a call any business day of the week from 8AM to 5PM ET at 1-800-348-1287. They will be happy to answer any questions you have regarding their products and their installation.

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