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Double Row or Single Row 20 Inch LED Light Bar

The 20 inch light bar is an extremely popular length for off-road, highway, work and public service vehicles. With high-output LEDs and optics, this length provides acres of illumination on dark trails and highways, work sites or emergency scenes on the blackest nights. The light weight and size make it a superb portable light too.

Black Oak light bar 20 inches long blasts gloom with up to 22,000 lumens for prices well under $400. Choose from the 20" double row light bar in black powder coat or white marine-grade finish, a stylish curved LED light bar 20 inch wide or a sleek 20" single row light bar. All feature industry-leading features:

  • 50,000-hour OSRAM LEDs in 3W or 5W sizes
  • Torture-proof IP69K aluminum housings with Lexan lenses and high-projection optics
  • Integrated heat sinks and top-quality electronic circuitry
  • A choice of flood, spot or combo beam patterns

Dual-row models shine with 12,400 or 22,000 lumens depending on LED size, while a single-row 20 LED light bar cranks out 6,220 or 11,000 raw lumens.

Every Black Oak light bar features a waterproof wiring harness to include switch, relay and fuse, mounting hardware and industry-best guarantee and warranty.

3W versus 5W LEDs

Choose 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs to adjust the lighting power of your Black Oak 20-inch light bar. Black Oak's 5W OSRAM LEDs output 75 percent higher luminosity at less than 20 percent more current. Nearly any 20 inch LED light bar review demonstrates that their 20 inch single row light bars outshine any imported 20" double row light bar.

Popular Uses for a 20 Inch Light Bar

A light bar 20 inches in length often fills space in a car or truck grill perfectly. A 20 LED light bar from Black Oak's S-Series light bars with its slim 2-inch profile is nearly invisible mounted there or below the bumper. For construction equipment, boats and emergency vehicles, a 20-incher mounts easily forward, aft or on the sides to illuminate any space. They are short enough to tripod-mount as well.

Key Features to Look for in 20 Inch LED Light Bars

For outdoor use, intrusion rating is critical. Black Oak products boast the highest rating possible: IP69K. Most light bars do not come close to matching Black Oak's super-rugged construction and truly non-fade, high-output 50,000-hour LEDs. Be wary of light bars without a meaningful warranty. Black Oak's 30-day cash-back guarantee and lifetime limited warranty is unbeatable.


Your hard-earned lighting dollar goes much further at Black Oak LED. Every light from 2 Inch to 20 Inches up to 50 inches is built with quality components and painstaking attention to build and performance. See for yourself at www.blackoakled.com or call now at 1-800-348-1287 to consult their knowledgeable vehicle lighting experts.

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