Best LED Light Bar Reviews for your off road truck
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Best LED Light Bar Reviews for your off road truck

Want to buy the Best LED Light Bar for your off road truck or all terrain vehicle, but confused where to start? Check out our LED Light Bar Reviews and buying guide At first glance, it may seem as if all light bars are pretty comparable in their quality and function. However, this is many times not the case. Even if a light bar is of high quality, it may not necessarily be the best light bar for your specific needs. In order to make sure you get the most out of a relatively large investment, you will want to carefully consider a number of factors, read up on a few LED light bar reviews, and do the research necessary to ensure you are purchasing the best LED light bar for your needs. Before you start your search, read through this article to learn how to find the best light bar possible for you. Factors to Consider When Purchasing an LED Light Bar
● Size
The first and arguably most important factor you will want to consider is what size light bar you want. The larger a light bar is, the more bulbs it will have, meaning that the bigger you go the brighter your light will be. In spite of this, there are plenty of smaller LED light bars that still produce tons of light. LED light bars range in size from 4 inches all the way up to 50 inches, and which one is best for you really depends on your vehicle and your budget.
● Shape
Deciding whether to purchase a curved LED light bar or a straight LED light bar is really a matter of personal preference. With neither shape having a clear advantage over the other, the choice is a matter of aesthetics. Pick which shape appeals to you most and go from here. 
● Number of Rows: Single or Double Row LED Light Bar
LED light bars either come equipped with a single row of LED bulbs or two rows of LED bulbs. Double row light bars are obviously going to produce more light, and though they are a little pricier, are usually the preferred choice of the two. If you are looking for a lowprofile LED light bar, however, you will probably be limited to a single row of LEDs. Though the double row lights are brighter, which type looks best really depends on your vehicle and your personal tastes.
● Beam Pattern: Spot, Flood or Combination
The beam pattern of an LED light bar refers to how wide of a beam the light produces. Spot beams are much narrower and reach a longer distance, making them preferred for onroad driving. Inversely, flood beams are much wider, and since obstacles at the side of the road are more of a concern on a backroad trail, the best off road led light bar is one that is equipped with flood beam bulbs. To be covered no matter the situation, consider purchasing an LED light bar with a combination beam pattern that is equipped with both flood and spot LEDs. This is a highly popular choice, and most of the best LED light bars available today come with both spot and flood LED bulbs.
● LED Color
Certain colors are advantageous for certain situations. White light, for example, is the brightest color and is the best for most driving situations. Amber light, however, is better for fog and low visibility conditions since it does not reflect back into your eyes. Colors such as blue and red are good attention getters and are preferred for emergency vehicles. Besides these, there are a also a variety of colors such as green that are made purely for aesthetic value. Like beam patterns, some light bars come equipped with bulbs of multiple colors. Choosing which color works best for you is a matter of intended purpose as well as personal
● Water Resistance
Between rain showers and mud puddles, your LED light bar is certain to get soaked. If you are searching for the best LED light bar for marine uses, this is even truer. In order to make sure that water doesn’t corrupt the electronics inside your light bar, you will want to purchase a light that is completely water resistant. In order to see how much protection a light offers against water, check its IP rating. An IP rating of IP68 or IP69 are both excellent ratings, with IP69 being the highest possible. These ratings ensure that your light is able to survive complete submersion without allowing water to penetrate through to the electronics inside.
● Connecter Type
Wiring up an LED light bar doesn’t have to be a complicated task, but to make the process go smoothly, you will want to make sure you have the right connectors. All LED light bars either come with ATP or DT connectors. Match this connector type with your wires and you will be all set to mount your light.
● Voltage
While every light bar is made to run off of a standard 12V battery, there are still three different voltage levels that they come in—12V, 24V, and 48V. Generally, the more voltage a light bar is rated for, the brighter it will be and the more power it will consume.


How to Tell a Cheap LED Light Bar from a Good One!
While there are many great LED light bars out there today, there are unfortunately an equally large number of cheap imitations that are made only to get your money. While many of these light bars look great on the outside (and their price often looks even better) they simply do not perform at an acceptable level. These cheap imitations will simply never shine as bright or last as long as a good, quality LED light bar. But if these light bars look fine at first glance, how can you make sure that the light bar you are considering is a well made, high quality product?
Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take in order to ensure you purchase a light bar that is worth your money. First of all, you can look at the light bar’s security ratings. Avoid purchasing a light bar with an IP rating that is IP65 or lower, as these light bars are poorly constructed and offer little to no protection against the elements. At BlackOakLED, all of the LED light bars we stock are rated at either IP68 or IP69 and have also passed US military standards. No matter how well marketed a light bar is, its security ratings do not lie—use them to gauge just how good a light bar really is. Next, you will want to check what kind of warranty a company offers on their light bars. If they are not confident enough to warranty their products for a lengthy period of time, then you should not be confident enough to purchase them. Each light bar we stock at BlackOakLED is covered under a limited lifetime warranty, and most any company stocking highquality light bars will offer similar warranties on their products. A good light bar is made to last a lifetime, meaning that a reputable company selling highquality products should have no issue warrantying their LED light bars for this long. Lastly, you can read online LED light bar reviews to see what other people thought of the light bar you are considering. This is a great way to get helpful, unbiased information about a product.
Poor quality light bars come in all types and price ranges. Whether it’s a great deal or it is highly expensive, price alone is not enough to gauge the quality of an LED light bar. By paying attention to a light’s security ratings, warranty, and reviews, however, you should be able to easily tell a good light bar from a cheap

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