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Duck Hunting Light Kit

When choosing the proper lighting for you duck boat, it is important to think of the elements and conditions that you will encounter during your outing. In this article we will discuss the benefit and purpose of each top 3 lighting setups you can use to enhance your ability to see wide angle, distance or a combination of both. Easy installations, low AMP draws and quality built lights able to survive cold, wet, snowy, muddy or any duck hunting conditions you may encounter. These LED lights will stand by you.


#3 ) The 6” Double Row:


With Flood optics on the outside beaming light at a 45º angle packing 6,600 lumens of light out to 750 meters. It is without a doubt shooting light out the front of your duck boat for you. The Flood optics on each side of this 6” double row allow you to see what is nearby on either side of you and your duck boat. While the spot optics in the middle allow you to view what is straight ahead in the distance.



10" Double Row On John Boat

#2 ) The 10” Double Row:


With the same optic setup as we recommended with the 6” double row. Only difference with this setup, nearly double the light! 11,000 lumens throwing light 900 meters. Yes 900 meters! You are sure to see what it is you are on the lookout for. This 10” double row light bar will mount perfectly to your duck boat with easy installation drawing only 4.1 amps from the battery.

John Boat Lighting Kit

#1 ) The Jon Boat Lighting Kit:


A 10” double row combo light bar included with two 2” pod lights in the flood optic proving you a 45º angle 3,120 lumens and 580 meters of light from the pods alone. Allow you the ultimate array of light. With multiple options as to how you want to rig your lights, maybe with the light bar in the front and pods in the rear or mounted on the sides of your boat. You have the power of light to determine how you want to light your route of navigation.



Each of these 3 options allow all necessary lighting for ample visibility for running rivers, creeks, canals, lakes even large ponds without you having to worry what is in front, behind or beside you. The only thing that should worry are the ducks. Because now you not only can navigate through the darkest conditions but also because you will be able to spot them from distance.