Jeep owners are big fans of Black Oak LED lighting products, but installing separate Jeep light switches for each unit can sometimes be messy. Black Oak LED has the prefect answer to tie your Jeep switches together in one location: The JK 6 Switch Controller and Power System.

Benefits of JK Controller and Power System

Black Oak's Jeep switches are made for Jeep Wrangler JK or JKU years 2007 to 2016. It is a seamless way to enhance your LED lighting setup:

  • The Jeep JK switch panel mounts over the rearview mirror for convenient access.
  • Each of the Jeep rocker switches is illuminated with a blue LED.
  • Between Jeep Wrangler rocker switch three and switch four is a digital voltage meter.
  • A separate source system relay box contains six Bosch-style 40A relays.
  • The system includes an 80A circuit breaker plus six ATO fuses for individual circuity over-current protection.
  • A terminal block supplies accessory power.
  • The aluminum panel and relay box are black powder-coated for long life.
  • Silicon insulated wires are surrounded by a high-temperature, low-abrasion nylon braid to protect the wire and your vehicle's finish.

Installation Steps

The Jeep JK Switch Panel wiring harness plus the mounting bracket are custom-made to fit your Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU without drilling or trimming wires. You need a socket wrench, T20 torque bit, wire stripper, flat nose pliers and screwdrivers. Refer to this installation video on YouTube for additional details.

  • Disconnect the vehicle battery before installation begins.
  • Swing out the visors and remove the header cover over the rearview mirror.
  • Remove the grab bar, A-pillar cover and the dash cover below.
  • Cut an X in the firewall plug and guide cables through with a fishing line from the engine compartment.
  • Use the footman's loop screws to attach the switch panel mounting bracket.
  • Loosen two 8 mm bolts behind the windshield washer unit to mount the power distribution unit.
  • Slide on the power unit and re-tighten the bolts.
  • Route the 12VDC power leads along the engine compartment rear wall to the vehicle battery.
  • Plug in the switch panel cable to the power distribution unit.
  • Connect each LED light bar, pod or rock light to the system control unit.

What Is Included with the JK Controller and Power System?

The Jeep rocker switches and control module come with a full, custom-fit wiring harness, switch panel mounting bracket and detailed installation instructions plus an accessory pack that includes nylon wire ties for a neat-looking installation.


The ultimate way to organize your Jeep offroad switches for every LED light bar, pod or accessory is the Jeep JK Switch Panel. These Jeep dash switches look great and ensure individual control and protection of every light unit on your Jeep. Find more at under accessories or by calling their Jeep switch controller experts now at 1-800-348-1287.