Compared to filament lights, LED light bars and PODs are superior for ATV off-road use:

  • They have better shock and vibration resistance
  • Power draw is far less
  • They offer more sizes and mounting options

Black Oak's industry-leading LED lighting for your ATV features quality that stands head-to-head with well-known U.S. manufacturers at far better prices.


5 Watt Osram

Nearly any ATV LED light bar in Black Oak's product lines carries the option of using 3W or 5W Osram LEDs. Black Oak's extensive side-by-side testing with other LED brands has proven that Osram LEDs offer the best longevity and brightness in their light bars. 5W Osram LEDs produce 66 percent more luminosity for a small increase in current draw.


10 Watt Cree

A Cree LED also produces astounding brightness and longevity. Black Oak reserves Cree XM-L2 LEDs as a high-power option in their 2-inch LED POD lights, which produce a total of 3,120 lumens each.

Regardless of whether you choose Osram or Cree LEDs, be assured that unlike cheaper competitors Black Oak utilizes only top-bin LEDs backed by rugged driver circuitry to achieve their 50,000-hour lifespan.


Single versus Double Row Light Bars

Black Oak uses identical LEDs in their single-row and double-row light bars. Thus, a 10 inch double row light bar produces equal luminosity as their 20 inch single row light bars, which is 11,000 lumens with 5W Osram LEDs.

Choosing between the two styles is a matter of fit and appearance. Single-row light bars with mounting brackets are 2.6 inches high, whereas double-row light bars require 4.2 inches of height. Both styles feature torture-proof construction, integrated heat sinks, shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and a choice of spot, flood or combo beams.


Compare to the Competition

Black Oak LED invites comparison of their products with those of top LED light bar makers such as Rigid Industries. For example, the Rigid SR-Series 20-inch light bar offers only one beam pattern and 7500 lumens. Black Oak's 20-inch S-series LED light bar has three beam patterns available, 11,000 lumens plus equally tough construction at a price 40 percent lower.


Key Features of a High-Quality LED Light Bar or POD

Quality components, rugged build and fail-safe design are essential elements to the durability and reliability of any light bar. Black Oak light bars incorporate all those elements plus an industry-leading IP69K intrusion rating against dust and moisture. Black Oak also has the best 30-day cash back guarantee and limited lifetime warranty in the business.



An ATV LED light bar is your best option for lighting up trails and improving your visibility from the riding seat. Add a rotatable LED POD light here or there for spotting or to customize your beam pattern.

Check out the astounding array of LED lighting products Black Oak LED has to offer by speaking with one of their lighting experts now at 1-800-348-1287.