Don't get lost without your Black Oak LED Rock Lights

LED Rock Lights Feedback Review from another happy Black Oak Customer.

Matt loves off-roading in his 2001 Jeep Wrangler TJ nicknamed "SpyderTJ." While testing out his rock lights for the first time at Windrock ORV Park in Oliver Springs, TN the sun set, weather picked up and he got lost. Here is his true story of how his rock lights helped him find his way back.

"I got my Black Oak rock lights on a few months ago, and was finally able to use them on our New Years trip. We were out riding in the park on Saturday afternoon & decided to try one last trail before we went in for dinner. It was cold & had snowed a little earlier in the day. After riding what we though was the trail we ended up "off the map" for 4 hours, well into the dark, with 20 degree temps, 30 mph wind, and raining. We were trying to find our way back to the trail from the side of a mountain"...  

"All the while my black oak led rock lights clearly illuminated our path so I could see exactly what we were traveling over as the trail didn't appear to be frequently used. And even though everyone in our group had their gas light on, we finally made it back safe & sound. (And by the rock lights were the brightest in the group. 😉 👌🏼)"


"Rock Crawling at night with these rock lights couldn't be better, and I can recommend them to my friends with confidence."

We are glad to hear Matt and his buddies made it back safely. Also nice to hear him brag about having the brightest lights on the group. If you would like to share your Black Oak story please send us and email with pictures.

Thanks again Matt for the awesome photos.