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Off Road LED Light Bar

LED light bars are quickly displacing traditional lighting options for recreational vehicles such as 4x4s, ATVs and UTVs. They are also in demand by car owners and heavy equipment operators as the brightest, most durable and longest lasting illumination solution. They use less power than halogen, HID or filament lamps while delivering lifespans several times longer than those old-technology options.

What Is an Off Road LED Light Bar?

For dark-shattering brightness and ruggedness, an LED light bar is the logical choice for off-road vehicles. They are built to withstand wide swings in temperature and humidity, dust, rain, snow, and ice. The best LED light bars also stand up to submersion, vibration, tree branches and rocks kicked up on the trail. Black Oak LED has taken into consideration all these factors when designing their premium LED light bars for off-road use.
Features to Look for When Comparing Offroad LED Light Bars
When comparing quality LED light bars for off-road activities, these are the essential features:
  • Super-efficient, top-quality LEDs made by OSRAM or CREE in various power ratings
  • A modularized LED design that maximizes redundancy
  • Computer-designed optics that direct over 97 percent of each LED's light forward
  • A choice of beam patterns including flood, spot or combination beam
  • Rugged LED driver electronics producing optimum LED performance and lifetime
  • Brawny, solid aluminum housings with integrated LED heat sinks
  • Shatterproof polycarbonate lens
  • The highest intrusion rating obtainable: IP69K
  • High quality engineering and components that stand up to unbelievable torture and keep on shining.
  • A wide selection of sizes to suit particular vehicles and specific applications
  • A cash-back satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty
  • An affordable price that does not blow away your budget
If you find an offroad LED light bar with all those features, you are very likely looking at a Black Oak LED light bar.

What Is an IP Rating?

Many off-road LED lighting makers tout their "IP Rating," which tells you how well a light bar withstands entry of dust, moisture, rain, fog, snow and ice. The IP rating is based on the international IEC 60529 product standard.

The last digit in an IP rating ranges from one to nine in increasing ability to withstand water or particulate ingress. Cheaper LED light bars are rated at IP66, IP67 or IP68. IP69K is the highest rating possible and is earned by subjecting products to high-temperature, high-pressure water jets directed from all angles. All Black Oak LED products bear an IP69K rating.

The closest thing to a universal brightness standard across manufacturers is raw lumens output, which is based on the total power rating of its LEDs. It only makes sense, however, if the best grade LEDs are used. Cheap, import LED light bars use low-grade, inefficient LEDs, so their raw lumens number is hugely inflated compared to their actual light output.

Black Oak only uses top-bin, top-efficiency LEDs, so you can trust their raw lumens numbers. Compare them to the biggest names in the industry and you immediately realize that Black Oak light bars outshine the competition in luminosity and that you pay far less for that. At Black Oak, you can choose between 3W, 5W and 10W LEDs, so you only pay for the brightness required for your application.

                                                             (20 Inch Double Row Series Combo Optics)

Beam Pattern

Combined with brightness, the beam pattern produced by off-road LED lights makes a tremendous difference in how well they work for you. A flood pattern delivers the widest beam angle at some sacrifice in depth. A spot has the highest forward penetration with a narrower beam. Spot beams are popular for hazard or game spotting. Many off-road vehicle owners prefer Black Oak's Combo beam pattern, however, which provides a center spot and side floodlight function. This is why it remains the top choice as an off road LED light bar for trucks.



Light output and beam pattern are irrelevant, however, if your light fails. That is why Black Oak strives for such high standards in durability, redundancy and uses the finest materials. Their rugged LED driver circuitry and redundant modular LED design ensures that in the unlikely event that a set of LEDs fails, the rest keep shining. Their IP69K intrusion rating applies to the complete wiring harness that comes with every Black Oak LED light bar too. Now is a good time to take another look at the Black Oak light bar torture video that illustrates just how incredibly tough these light bars are.

Which Size of Light Bar is Right for You?

How much light you need and where you want to install your light bar dictates the length you need. Black Oak LED offers six lengths in both their Double Row Series and single-row S-Series light bars from six to 50 inches. Obviously, the 50-inch models produce the maximum illumination, but many off-roaders prefer a shorter primary trail light and a combination of smaller light bars in different directions for maximum versatility. Black Oak's six-inch and 10-inch LED light bars make excellent portable lights for camp and work sites or for rotatable spots.



If you want the finest, most reliable, brightest and highest performance light bar for your off-road activities, there are a lot of factors to consider when evaluating which is the best light bar for you.

Black Oak LED manufactures LED light bars that take into account all those factors and provide the highest quality solutions in every single category. Yes, they cost more than for a cheap, undependable knock-off light, but Black Oak light bars cost hundreds of dollars less than their biggest competitors while meeting or exceeding the performance of those products.

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