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Double vs Single Row 50 Inch Light Bars

Black Oak LED's 50 Inch light bar product line in dual-row, single-row, curved or marine-grade configurations crank out up to 500W and 55,000 raw lumens of night-scorching beams to set awash the darkest trails, highways or waterways with clear white illumination.

Every model features 3W or 5W top-grade, high-efficiency, 50,000-hour OSRAM LEDs. The Double Row 50 inch double row light bar boasts a torture-proof aluminum housing, integrated heat sinks, Lexan lens and an IP69K intrusion rating. The Marine series 50 inch LED light bar carries Double Row specs plus a corrosion-resistant white coating.

Among the 50 Inch LED light bars, Black Oak's Single Row with 50 light bar LEDs is sleek and powerful. Choose 15,550 or 27,500 lumens of light with 14.2A or 20.4A current draw. With a 2-inch profile, Single row 50 Inch LED light bars install unobtrusively while outshining any competitor's 50 inch LED light bar.

Every 50-inch LED light bar comes with a full waterproof wiring harness, mounting brackets and your choice of spot, flood or combo beam.

Straight versus Curved Light Bars

Depending on light bar length, a straight bar's combo or flood configuration has 40 to 60 degrees of beam spread. Besides imparting a stylish look, a curved light bar extends beam spread around 10 to 15 degrees on each side. This extra beam width illuminates trail sides without diminishing center spot section reach.

3W versus 5W LED Power

Black Oak lets you decide the illumination level you require by offering either 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs for their 50 inch LED light bars. This also permits you to regulate current draw as well. Regardless of power level, each 50,000-hour LED is surrounded by high-efficiency optics and protected by high-quality circuitry plus an oversize, integrated heat sink.

Mounting Options for Specific Vehicles

When it comes to 50 inch light bar mounts for any vehicle whether it be a Jeep, Ford, Toyota or Nissan, Black Oak LED has you covered with length-specific U-Type brackets for custom mounting bolt placement or O-Type brackets for post or rail attachment. They also carry oblique brackets, security hardware, wiring accessories and colored lens covers.

Things to Look for When Shopping a 50 Inch Light Bar

Key features when researching LED light bars are intrusion rating, build quality, LED grade and brightness. On all counts, Black Oak meets or exceeds competing light bar specs. For instance, their IP69K rating is the highest obtainable and their LEDs fade less than 5 percent over their lifetime. They beat out high-end light bar manufacturers at half the price. No one surpasses their 30-day no-hassle refund plus lifetime limited warranty.


When looking for the best 50 inch LED light bar, you will find that Black Oak LED provides the most for your vehicle lighting needs. For all your high-quality, high-performance needs, visit us at blackoakled.com or talk to a Black Oak LED lighting expert now toll-free at 800-348-1287.

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