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LED Light Bars for Ford Trucks 

Mounts and Bumpers for Ford Trucks

Ford's F150 and their Super Duty F250s and F350s plus the discontinued Ranger are celebrated off-road 4x4 trail busters. Owners of these vehicles augment their exceptional trail and work prowess with high-performance LED lighting front, back and to the sides.

A common Ford Ranger LED light bar or Ford F150 light bar mounting point is the bumper opening, which is ideal for Black Oak 20-inch dual-row or single-row light bars. No-drilling, short bumper bars sitting below the grill accommodate additional lights such as Black Oak R-Series round lightsCree XM-L2 LED pods or longer Ford F150 LED light bars on any F-Series model.

For deep nighttime penetration, consider a 50-inch curved Black Oak double-row light bar mounted above the Ranger windshield with Black Oak stock brackets or third-party standoff brackets. This 55,000 lumen gloom-crusher is an excellent Ford F250 light bar or Ford Raptor light bar too.

Ford truck owners often mount Black Oak 40W Cree flush-mount LED lights in the bumpers as fog lights or rear back-up lights. Using an over-cab mount tube and Black Oak LED O-Type mounts adds the greatest latitude in lighting setups.

List of Top Ford Trucks

  • Ford F-150 – Ford's best-selling truck features engine options from a 2.7L V6 up to a 5.0L V8 and over 3,000 pounds of payload capacity.
  • Ford Super Duty F-250, F-350, F-450 – The Super Duty series offers 6.2L V8 gas or 6.7L turbo-diesel engines, a 7,600 pound payload capacity, 21,000 pound towing capacity and various trim/accessory packages.
  • Ford Ranger – Discontinued in 2011, the Ranger remains a popular secondary market 4WD pickup due to its operating economy and rugged construction.

Why LED lights?

A Ford F150 light bar or Ford Ranger light bar not using the latest LED technologies is disapppointing. Modern high-grade LEDs outshine and outlast any other light bar type. Their 50,000-hour average fade-free lifetime plus their exceptional lumens per watt ratio means less drain on your Ford truck electrical system for the brightest light possible.

Mounts and Bumpers Reviews

Any Black Oak LED Ford F150 LED light bar or Ford Ranger light bar comes with corrosion-resistant end brackets. These durable mounts make aiming a snap. A longer Ford F150 or Ford Ranger roof light bar could benefit from third-party standoff mounts like the 4-star Rough Country 70504 over-windshield brackets.

Westin Automotive front light mounts fit any Ford 150 and Ford Ranger LED light bar and adapt to a Ford Excursion light bar or a Ford Bronco light bar. These 5-star rated mounts are completely compatible with any Black Oak Ford F150 LED light bar or pod light.


Black Oak LED light bars for Ford Rangers, F150s or Super Duty models make any truck a standout with high-performance at modest prices. Call a Black Oak LED Ford truck lighting expert today at 1-800-348-1287 to discuss how best to enhance your Ford truck's lighting or visit their extensive website at


LED Light Bar for Jeep 

Jeep Light Bar Mounting Options and Installations

For off-road warriors, there is no American 4x4 more classic than the Jeep Wrangler. Models from the YJ to the TJ and the most recent incarnation, the JK, are in widespread use on trails and as daily drivers. In work or play, the addition of a quality Jeep LED light bar from Black Oak adds a polished look. Light bars for Jeeps have many mounting options:

Tips for Buying the Right Light Bar

Black Oak LED light bars use only high-performance, 50,000-hour LEDs and computer-designed optics to push over 97 percent of each lamp's output forward. Watch out for cheap imports using low-grade fading LEDs, fragile circuitry and mediocre reflectors and lenses.

Key operating factors include the lumens per watt ratio, efficient current draw and voltage tolerance. By these measures, Black Oak products excel. Finally, your Jeep Wrangler light bar must withstand the harshest conditions. With an IP69K intrusion rating, torture-proof LED light bar aluminum housing and unbreakable Lexan lens, their lights are the most durable in the industry.

Bumper and Light Bar Mount Reviews

An LED light bar for Jeep Wrangler models deserves a quality mount. Black Oak's heavy-duty, corrosion-resistant end mounts get rave reviews for durability and ease of aiming. Their U-Type and O-Type mounts regularly receive rave reviews for versatility and ruggedness.

For a 50-inch double-row Jeep JK light bar, the Rough Country 70504 over-windshield, standoff brackets are popular. Off-road enthusiasts consider Extreme Terrain's Jeep Wrangler body and bumper light mounts to be world-class for all three Jeep models. These are 100 percent compatible with any Black Oak Jeep LED light bar.


Your search for the highest quality, reasonable cost Jeep Wrangler light bar for your YJ, TJ or JK vehicle ends at Black Oak LED. Immerse yourself in their extensive product lines at or phone their friendly LED lighting experts today at 1-800-348-1287.


Double Row or Single Row 20 Inch LED Light Bar

The 20 inch light bar is an extremely popular length for off-road, highway, work and public service vehicles. With high-output LEDs and optics, this length provides acres of illumination on dark trails and highways, work sites or emergency scenes on the blackest nights. The light weight and size make it a superb portable light too.

Black Oak light bar 20 inches long blasts gloom with up to 22,000 lumens for prices well under $400. Choose from the 20" double row light bar in black powder coat or white marine-grade finish, a stylish curved LED light bar 20 inch wide or a sleek 20" single row light bar. All feature industry-leading features:

  • 50,000-hour OSRAM LEDs in 3W or 5W sizes
  • Torture-proof IP69K aluminum housings with Lexan lenses and high-projection optics
  • Integrated heat sinks and top-quality electronic circuitry
  • A choice of flood, spot or combo beam patterns

Dual-row models shine with 12,400 or 22,000 lumens depending on LED size, while a single-row 20 LED light bar cranks out 6,220 or 11,000 raw lumens.

Every Black Oak light bar features a waterproof wiring harness to include switch, relay and fuse, mounting hardware and industry-best guarantee and warranty.

3W versus 5W LEDs

Choose 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs to adjust the lighting power of your Black Oak 20-inch light bar. Black Oak's 5W OSRAM LEDs output 75 percent higher luminosity at less than 20 percent more current. Nearly any 20 inch LED light bar review demonstrates that their 20 inch single row light bars outshine any imported 20" double row light bar.

Popular Uses for a 20 Inch Light Bar

A light bar 20 inches in length often fills space in a car or truck grill perfectly. A 20 LED light bar from Black Oak's S-Series light bars with its slim 2-inch profile is nearly invisible mounted there or below the bumper. For construction equipment, boats and emergency vehicles, a 20-incher mounts easily forward, aft or on the sides to illuminate any space. They are short enough to tripod-mount as well.

Key Features to Look for in 20 Inch LED Light Bars

For outdoor use, intrusion rating is critical. Black Oak products boast the highest rating possible: IP69K. Most light bars do not come close to matching Black Oak's super-rugged construction and truly non-fade, high-output 50,000-hour LEDs. Be wary of light bars without a meaningful warranty. Black Oak's 30-day cash-back guarantee and lifetime limited warranty is unbeatable.


Your hard-earned lighting dollar goes much further at Black Oak LED. Every light from 2 Inch to 20 Inches up to 50 inches is built with quality components and painstaking attention to build and performance. See for yourself at or call now at 1-800-348-1287 to consult their knowledgeable vehicle lighting experts.

Uses for LED Rock Lights

An LED rock lights kit is a new category for LED light bar manufacturers that is quickly gaining popularity. Rock lights LED technology utilizes easy-mount LED mini-pods that are placed in any imaginable location in your highway, off-road or work vehicle.

Mounted beneath a vehicle's chassis, rock LED lights add an unearthly glow that imparts coolness plus a valuable purpose. When traveling in pairs or teams over rough terrain at night, following vehicles use LED rock crawling lights to spot hazards for the vehicle ahead. Spotters report the proximity of the leader's wheels, suspension or chassis to obstacles, which allows the lead vehicle and the spotter's vehicle to make travel adjustments as necessary.

Because of their relatively tiny size, an LED rock lights kit also makes an ideal interior light for vehicles, boats, RVs or cabins. They sip so little current that many buyers use a solar LED rock light or several powered by small, portable solar panels.

If you mount rock lights LED in a detachable way, they make excellent work lights as well for nighttime repairs or inspections.


Rock lights red, blue, green or amber can be ordered for a custom look or to reduce eye fatigue for nighttime hazard spotting. Naturally, white rock lights are available from Black Oak too. The latter's 3-LED, 9W rock lights output 495 lumens whereas colored rock lights provide 220 lumens per unit. They weigh just 0.35 pounds and need only 0.35A of DC current each.

Installation Tips

Usually buyers purchase several LED rock lights kits at once for placement around the vehicle's perimeter. Initially, attach them with wire ties or tape to ensure a perfect placement pattern before making a permanent mount. If you use a quick-attach technique with, say, magnets or clips, the lights can double as detachable work lights.

What to Look for When Shopping for LED Rock Lights

When browsing online for rock lights LED or any other technology, you may notice that many manufacturers fail to mention crucial specifications such as the kind of LED they use and the intrusion rating against dust or moisture their product can endure. Black Oak LED is proud of their industry-leading rock lights that carry the highest obtainable IP69K intrusion rating, only high-wattage Cree or OSRAM LEDs and the best warranty in the business. You have a 30-day, cash-back, no-hassle evaluation guarantee plus a lifetime limited warranty with any of their products.


For bright white rock lights or rock lights red, blue, green or amber with exceptional quality and the best prices anywhere, look no further than Black Oak LED. Research all their products at or talk to an expert now toll-free at 1-800-348-1287.

Jeep owners are big fans of Black Oak LED lighting products, but installing separate Jeep light switches for each unit can sometimes be messy. Black Oak LED has the prefect answer to tie your Jeep switches together in one location: The JK 6 Switch Controller and Power System.

Benefits of JK Controller and Power System

Black Oak's Jeep switches are made for Jeep Wrangler JK or JKU years 2007 to 2016. It is a seamless way to enhance your LED lighting setup:

  • The Jeep JK switch panel mounts over the rearview mirror for convenient access.
  • Each of the Jeep rocker switches is illuminated with a blue LED.
  • Between Jeep Wrangler rocker switch three and switch four is a digital voltage meter.
  • A separate source system relay box contains six Bosch-style 40A relays.
  • The system includes an 80A circuit breaker plus six ATO fuses for individual circuity over-current protection.
  • A terminal block supplies accessory power.
  • The aluminum panel and relay box are black powder-coated for long life.
  • Silicon insulated wires are surrounded by a high-temperature, low-abrasion nylon braid to protect the wire and your vehicle's finish.

Installation Steps

The Jeep JK Switch Panel wiring harness plus the mounting bracket are custom-made to fit your Jeep Wrangler JK/JKU without drilling or trimming wires. You need a socket wrench, T20 torque bit, wire stripper, flat nose pliers and screwdrivers. Refer to this installation video on YouTube for additional details.

  • Disconnect the vehicle battery before installation begins.
  • Swing out the visors and remove the header cover over the rearview mirror.
  • Remove the grab bar, A-pillar cover and the dash cover below.
  • Cut an X in the firewall plug and guide cables through with a fishing line from the engine compartment.
  • Use the footman's loop screws to attach the switch panel mounting bracket.
  • Loosen two 8 mm bolts behind the windshield washer unit to mount the power distribution unit.
  • Slide on the power unit and re-tighten the bolts.
  • Route the 12VDC power leads along the engine compartment rear wall to the vehicle battery.
  • Plug in the switch panel cable to the power distribution unit.
  • Connect each LED light bar, pod or rock light to the system control unit.

What Is Included with the JK Controller and Power System?

The Jeep rocker switches and control module come with a full, custom-fit wiring harness, switch panel mounting bracket and detailed installation instructions plus an accessory pack that includes nylon wire ties for a neat-looking installation.


The ultimate way to organize your Jeep offroad switches for every LED light bar, pod or accessory is the Jeep JK Switch Panel. These Jeep dash switches look great and ensure individual control and protection of every light unit on your Jeep. Find more at under accessories or by calling their Jeep switch controller experts now at 1-800-348-1287.

Double vs Single Row 50 Inch Light Bars

Black Oak LED's 50 Inch light bar product line in dual-row, single-row, curved or marine-grade configurations crank out up to 500W and 55,000 raw lumens of night-scorching beams to set awash the darkest trails, highways or waterways with clear white illumination.

Every model features 3W or 5W top-grade, high-efficiency, 50,000-hour OSRAM LEDs. The Double Row 50 inch double row light bar boasts a torture-proof aluminum housing, integrated heat sinks, Lexan lens and an IP69K intrusion rating. The Marine series 50 inch LED light bar carries Double Row specs plus a corrosion-resistant white coating.

Among the 50 Inch LED light bars, Black Oak's Single Row with 50 light bar LEDs is sleek and powerful. Choose 15,550 or 27,500 lumens of light with 14.2A or 20.4A current draw. With a 2-inch profile, Single row 50 Inch LED light bars install unobtrusively while outshining any competitor's 50 inch LED light bar.

Every 50-inch LED light bar comes with a full waterproof wiring harness, mounting brackets and your choice of spot, flood or combo beam.

Straight versus Curved Light Bars

Depending on light bar length, a straight bar's combo or flood configuration has 40 to 60 degrees of beam spread. Besides imparting a stylish look, a curved light bar extends beam spread around 10 to 15 degrees on each side. This extra beam width illuminates trail sides without diminishing center spot section reach.

3W versus 5W LED Power

Black Oak lets you decide the illumination level you require by offering either 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs for their 50 inch LED light bars. This also permits you to regulate current draw as well. Regardless of power level, each 50,000-hour LED is surrounded by high-efficiency optics and protected by high-quality circuitry plus an oversize, integrated heat sink.

Mounting Options for Specific Vehicles

When it comes to 50 inch light bar mounts for any vehicle whether it be a Jeep, Ford, Toyota or Nissan, Black Oak LED has you covered with length-specific U-Type brackets for custom mounting bolt placement or O-Type brackets for post or rail attachment. They also carry oblique brackets, security hardware, wiring accessories and colored lens covers.

Things to Look for When Shopping a 50 Inch Light Bar

Key features when researching LED light bars are intrusion rating, build quality, LED grade and brightness. On all counts, Black Oak meets or exceeds competing light bar specs. For instance, their IP69K rating is the highest obtainable and their LEDs fade less than 5 percent over their lifetime. They beat out high-end light bar manufacturers at half the price. No one surpasses their 30-day no-hassle refund plus lifetime limited warranty.


When looking for the best 50 inch LED light bar, you will find that Black Oak LED provides the most for your vehicle lighting needs. For all your high-quality, high-performance needs, visit us at or talk to a Black Oak LED lighting expert now toll-free at 800-348-1287.