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Light up your crop in any weather condition!

Farm equipment lights must endure extreme heat and cold, rain, dust, mud, ice and snow. Building the most durable, reliable and affordable LED lighting products to withstand such conditions is Black Oak LED's mission.

Popular Uses for Agriculture Lighting


LED lights for agriculture equipment including tractors, loaders, backhoes or combines are indispensable for nighttime and indoor work. They make mucking out a dark barn, tilling fields on moonless nights or running down strays with an ATV safe and productive.

Pickups and farm trucks rely on gloom-shattering LED lighting when traveling to and from dark fields. Rotatable or removable single-row light bars or pods make ideal work lights for nighttime repairs or refueling operations.

Black Oak LED light bars with flood beams are commonly used for indoor lighting due to their brightness, low power consumption and their ability to run off batteries and solar panels in locations lacking grid power or when there is an outage.

3W versus 5W versus 10w LEDs


Black Oak LED uses only the best quality LEDs in all their products. You can choose either 3W or 5W top-bin OSRAM LEDs in their light bars. A 5W-equipped light bar draws slightly more current than one with 3W LEDs, but luminosity is proportional to LED wattage. Their 40W 2-inch light pods utilize super-bright 10W CREE XM-L2 LEDs. Both their CREE and OSRAM LEDs have 50,000-hour lifespans.

Double vs Single Row LED Light Bars


Black Oak offers LED tractor lights in widths from six to 50 inches in dual-row and single-row configurations. Your choice between the lines depends on the amount of light you need and the mounting space available. Examples of their competition-beating specs are below.

20-inch S-Series/D-Series with 5W LEDs

Number of LEDs: 20/40

Lumens: 11,000/22,000

Watts: 100W/200W

Amps: 6.7/8.4

40-inch S-Series/D-Series with 5W LEDs

Number of LEDs: 40/80

Lumens: 22,000/44,000

Watts: 200W/400W

Amps: 14.6/16.9

50-inch S-Series/D-Series with 5W LEDs

Number of LEDs: 50/100

Lumens: 27,500/55,000

Watts: 250W/500W

Amps: 18.2/21


How to Find the Best LED Agricultural Lights


LED lights for farm equipment must withstand severe environmental conditions. Black Oak LED lights have the highest moisture and dust intrusion rating of IP69K, which few LED lighting manufacturers can match. Black Oak also employs IP69K wiring connectors, top-bin LEDs, high-quality circuitry, fail-safe construction and shatterproof polycarbonate lenses. Their torture-proof aluminum housings feature integrated, oversize heat sinks ensuring long LED life.

Black Oak knows they build the best, which is why they offer a no-nonsense 30-day cash back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty.



When looking for tractor lights, truck lights or barn lighting, Black Oak LED offers extreme brightness, durability and reliability at highly competitive prices. Black Oak LED also offers a 15 percent discount for military veterans and active duty personnel.

Talk to one of their lighting experts at 1-800-348-1287 today to find the best light for your farm or ranch.

Doing your research on LED products can sometimes be a bit daunting. At Black Oak LED, we make things simple and user friendly. Our customer service is ready to answer any questions you may have at a moments notice. Black Oak LED knows that new LED light bar shoppers initially find a market flooded with cheap imported lights or brands at wallet-busting prices. However, Black Oak LED answers all of your LED Lighting needs. Black Oak LED offers high-performance, high-quality LED lights for the best light bar on the market at tremendously competitive prices.

3W vs 5W vs 10w

At Black Oak, choose the luminosity that works best for your vehicle, boat or other application by specifying product size and LED power. Light bars come with either 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs. Pods are equipped with 5W Osram LEDs or 10W Cree LEDs.

Luminosity is proportional to LED wattage. So, a 10W LED is about twice as bright as a 5W LED. However, light bar current draw is more efficient using higher wattage LEDs.

Osram LED

Black Oak's extensive side-by-side research gives Osram the edge in their light bars, round LED lights and as an option in their light pods. Osram has been making lighting products over 100 years that are known for high quality and efficiency.

Cree LED

Cree, Inc. is a U.S. company that has made LEDs since 1989. Their 10W XML-2, used in Black Oak's 2-inch LED pods, produces the best raw lumen output of 130 lumens per watt. It maintains 95 percent luminosity throughout its lifetime.

Double vs Single Row Specs

Every Black Oak double row light bar and single-row light bar can be fitted with 50,000-hour lifespan 3W or 5W LEDs. You may also choose from three beam configurations: Flood, Spot or Combo.

Black Oak light bar specs using 3W or 5W LEDs meet or exceed those of light bars costing twice as much:

Things to Look for in the Brightest LED Light

Just as important as brightness is durability, reliability, efficient performance plus meaningful guarantees and warranties.

International standards measure a light bar's ability to withstand rain, snow, dust and submersion. Black Oak products have achieved the highest rating possible of IP69K.

Besides high end LEDs, Black Oak employs rugged circuitry, torture-proof aluminum enclosures and oversize, integrated heat sinks. Lenses are a shatterproof polycarbonate.

Black Oak products are backed by a no-hassle, 30-day full refund guarantee plus a limited lifetime warranty.


You want the best light bar made, long-lasting performance and an affordable price. At Black Oak LED, you find all three of these attributes.

Talk today with their knowledgeable light bar experts at 1-800-348-1287 or email them at about their light bars, pods, rounds or rock lights.





Cruising a beach, forest or desert trail or working on the ranch with your UTV or Side-by-side is more enjoyable and safer with reliable, powerful vehicle lighting. Black Oak LED offers rugged, weatherproof UTV light bar solutions for any vehicle brand.

Popular Sizes of Light Bars for UTV / Side by Side

The most popular LED light bar for UTV use is a combo beam 20-inch Black Oak dual-row D-Series LED light bar  equipped with 40 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs. Enjoy up to 22,000 lumens of night-busting light mounted forward or on the rear of your side-by-side. It fits easily on a bumper, grill, gear rack or overhead roll bar.

Other popular LED lights for side by side vehicles are Black Oak's versatile 2-inch 40W pod lights with flush or turret mounts. Illuminating rough terrain while offering a stylish look are Black Oak's rock lights in white, red, blue, green or amber.

Popular Light Bars for Side by Sides or UTVs

Shorter LED light bars, such as the Black Oak 10-inch S-series, are favorites with ranchers and hunters as rotatable spotting lights with high output. Recreational drivers typically mount a wider combo or spot beam LED light bar up to 40-inches wide forward for trail illumination and fixed flood beams for side and rear visibility.

A popular choice for a Yamaha light bar for the Viking VI are Black Oak's powerful 7-inch round LED lights that match the stock light styling while adding 8,800 raw lumens each from 32 LEDs.

Light Bar Install Tips for UTVs and Side by Sides

When installing your Black Oak LED light bar or pod, route wires within tubes or under trim covers to prevent snags. When drilling, use progressively larger bits up to the final size for a clean hole. If you are mounting several lights, consider employing a lighting mount bar and O-Type brackets for easy adjustment. Multiple LED light bar applications should take advantage of the Black Oak JK 6 switch controller and power system too.

UTV and Side by Side Mounts and Brackets

Black Oak makes mounting your new side by side light bar easy with a large selection of tube and flat surface light bar brackets to match their lighting products to any UTV or side by side. For instance, they carry 10 sizes of O-Type brackets ideal to mount your Polaris light bar on the frame or roll cage.


At Black Oak LED, you will find the best quality UTV light bar or LED lights for side by side vehicles at remarkably affordable prices. They utilize only top-of-the-line components backed by a 30-day cash back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty. Call them today at 1-800-348-1287 to discuss your UTV LED bar requirements with their lighting experts.

Double Row, Single Row, Curved and Marine Grade 30 Inch LED Light Bars

A 30 inch light bar is an extremely popular choice for off-road or highway driving and marine applications.

Black Oak LED carries two models of 30 inch double row light bars for road and marine use, a 30 inch curved light bar and a low-profile 30 inch light bar with one row of super-bright, 50,000-hour LEDs.

Both their black and marine double row light bars boast 60 3W or 5W LEDs. The rugged aluminum housing, unbreakable polycarbonate lens, custom seal and 34 stainless steel fasteners achieve the highest dust/moisture intrusion rating possible: IP69K.

A waterproof wiring harness and mounting hardware are included plus your choice of spot, flood or combo beam. The marine version sports a saltwater-resistant white finish.

The 30 inch curved light bar has 60 LEDs in dual rows with equal high-quality build plus a stylish curve that extends beam width on each side.

Among 30 LED light bars, Black Oak's S-Series single-row light bar is a standout that stands two inches high. Its profile enables additional mounting options with up to 16,500 lumens of gloom-busting light in a spot, flood or combo pattern.

3W versus 5W LEDs

When choosing Black Oak's 30 inch LED light bars, equip them with 3W or 5W OSRAM LEDs depending on your lighting desires. Extensive testing by Black Oak reveals their top-bin OSRAM LEDs outshine any 30 inch CREE LED light bar easily. 3W or 5W LEDs create 18,660 or 33,000 lumens, respectively in any dual-row 30 inch light bar they offer. Their 30 inch single row light bars output 9,330 or 16,500 lumens for 3W or 5W LEDs.

Popular Uses for 30 Inch Light Bars

Single-row 30 LED light bars from Black Oak is popular with buyers seeking a stealth and aerodynamic installation. It is powerful enough for a primary driving light or a pivot-mounted search/navigation boat light. Dual-row light bars set trails or work sites awash in daylight-like luminosity or brighten the darkest, loneliest highways.

Mounts and Installation Tips

Black Oak carries O-Type and U-Type brackets for mounting bars or flat surfaces. Use three progressively larger bits for clean mounting holes. Never connect a light bar to AC and avoiding looking directly at the LEDs. Nylon wire ties make a tidy installation.

Comparing 30 Inch LED Light Bars

When researching 30 inch light bars, pay attention to intrusion rating, construction details, the grade and make of LEDs and warranties. Black Oak's 30-day cash-back guarantee and lifetime warranty is unbeatable. Along with industry-leading components, construction and highly affordable prices, no other competitor makes a better light bar.


Buy Black Oak LED light bars for industry-leading products at budget-friendly prices.

Check out all their superb lighting products at or call them now at 1-800-348-1287 to have your product or operating questions answered by a knowledgeable representative.

Through the rivers,  the dunes, the  rocky desert trails or  the snow, Black Oak LED has you covered with a wide range of offroad lights including the most rugged LED light cubes, round lights and any length of offroad light bar you require.

List of Top 10 Off Road Vehicles to Buy

  • The Jeep Wrangler Rubicon sports Dana 44 axles, swaybar disconnect and a 4:1 transfer case.
  • Toyota's 4Runner TRD Pro features coil-link suspension, locking rear differential and off-road cruise control.
  • The Ram Power Wagon features Articulink coil-link suspension and in-dash swaybar disconnect.
  • Chevy's Z/71 off road package includes descent control, locking rear differential and suspension upgrade.
  • Mercedes-Benz' G-Wagen has body-on-frame construction, solid axles and three electronic differential locks.
  • Nissan's Xterra Pro-4X is a dirt-loving, narrow SUV with hill assist, descent control, and locking rear differential.
  • The Polaris RZR 900 side-by-side features two-spin steering, 11 inches clearance, and quarter-size doors.
  • The Kawasaki Teryx4™ sport UTV comes with a 738cc V-twin engine, CVT and limited slip differential.
  • Honda's Pioneer 500 has ample power, steering wheel paddle shifting and handles 450 pound payloads.
  • The family-size Yamaha Viking VI holds six passengers and is powered by a 686cc fuel-injected engine.
  • The Yamaha Raptor is a perennial favorite of ATV fans. The newest 700R has even more power and improved fuel economy.

Different Mounting Options and Installations

Mounting your Black Oak LED offroad light bar is a snap with their wide selection of ring-style O-Type clamps in sizes from one to three inches. These are great for roof rack light bar offroad mounting. Their U-Type brackets for offroad light bars from six to 40 inches offer more hole options plus quick release of the light housing.

Tips for Buying an Off-Road Light Bar

When LED light bar shopping check the optics, brightness, current draw and build quality. Black Oak provides spot, flood or combo beams, the brightest Osram and Cree LEDs and the highest rating possible against moisture, dust, ice and snow: IP69K. Drive a truck over their LED offroad light bars, smash them and submerge them, and they keep on going.

LED Light Bar Offroad Reviews


When you take an LED light bar offroad, you need the highest durability, reliability and performance available. With Black Oak offroad lights, you get performance and quality that matches any competitor's products at reasonable cost. Shop their site at or ring them up at 1-800-348-1287. They are happy to answer your questions.

Finding the right LED Light Bar for your Truck

Every truck deserves the best lighting possible, especially yours. Black Oak LED specializes in high-value LED light bars for trucks, amazingly bright light pods and round LED lights that outshine and outlast the competition at prices kind to your wallet.

Mounting Options for Trucks

Favorite mounting locations for light bars for trucks include within or in front of the grille or on a brush guard. Black Oak's popular turret-style POD light equipped with 5W Osram or 10W Cree LEDs with an amber beam make awesome fog or dust lights mounted in pairs below the bumper. With white LEDs, they make incredible spotting, back-up or work lights.

The best light bars for off-road trucks are longer bars, up to 50 inches. Many owners mount a light bar for windshield, hood or above the cab locations. These provide high visibility and improve navigation of the most winding, dark trails or back roads. Black Oak's best 50" light bar for truck use with superb aerodynamics and gloom-busting light is their 50-inch S-series bar with 5W Osram LEDs.

Types of LED Light Bars for Trucks of Different Types

Light bars for trucks LED or otherwise work best when they fit the truck type and usage. An off-road light bar made by Black Oak, such as their crowd-pleasing 20-inch D-Series dual-row light bar, is the most rugged and brightest with the highest possible IP69K rating against dust, rain, ice and snow.

Emergency light bars for EMS trucks tend to be shorter with combination flood/spot beams, such as offered on the M-Series 30-inch LED light bar. Fire trucks, ambulances and tow trucks need the brightest lights possible for scene illumination in a compact size, which a cheaper light bar cannot supply.

Commercial or construction trucks find light bars for trucks LED bright convenient in smaller sizes for flexible mounting or as portable work lights. They often choose a six-inch D-Series or 10-inch D-Series dual-row light bar with 6,600 or 11,000 lumens output, respectively.

Accessories for Light Bars

Black Oak carries a huge array of accessories for their light bars for trucks including black covers, colored filters, 2-piece connection cables, O-type and U-Type mounting hardware plus their indispensable light bar JK 6 Switch Controller and Power System.

Light Bar Options

Black Oak LED excels at offering customers plenty of options:

  • 3W or 5W Osram LEDs on light bars plus 10W Cree LEDs on light pods
  • Straight or curved housings that provide a broader beam and style
  • Six-inch to 50-inch light bars in either double-row or single-row configurations


When looking for the highest quality and performance in lighting for your special truck, Black Oak LED has you covered. Remember, they back all their products with a 30-day cash-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

Visit their informative web site at or talk to a knowledgeable representative directly at 1-800-348-1287.