Power Your Hunting Expedition with True Color LEDs

Black Oak LED's hunting, fishing and surveillance lights feature unfiltered color LEDs in red, green or Infra-Red. These popular, easy-to-mount, trail-rugged lights feature Black Oak LED's highest design and material standards with maximum light output and an industry-leading IP69K rating.

Why Colored LEDs?

Only an unfiltered, color LED hunting light utilizes the full luminosity of your light bar. Conventional light bars use color blocking filters that significantly reduce output and leak white light around edges or through cracks.

Our hunting lights feature specific wavelength LEDs to optimize light output:

  • Our green light bar, used in feral hog hunting, maximizes eye reflection while keeping you invisible. They are great for night fishing too.
  • A red light bar is an ideal predator hunting light that produces eye shine at long range.
  • An IR light bar vastly improves night vision in combination with night optics. As a deer hunting light or surveillance beam, these are superb.

    Why Black Oak LED?

    All of our products provide you with the biggest bang for your LED lighting dollar. Our premium light bars and PODs provide features equal to or better than top-of-the-line light bar manufacturers:

    • Top-bin, high-performance 50,000-hour Osram LEDs.
    • Rugged, powder-coated aluminum housings to resist jolts or impacts.
    • Shatterproof, optically transparent Lexan polycarbonate lens.
    • IP69K intrusion ratings against moisture, rain, snow, mud and ice.
    • Military-grade breathers eliminate condensation.
    • Combo, spot or flood beam patterns available.


    Black Oak Color LED Lineup

    10-Inch Green Light Bar

    • Dual-row, 20 3W Osram green LEDs
    • 100W/4.1A draw at 12VDC
    • 9,500 raw lumens output
    • Intrusion rating of IP69K

    10-Inch Red Light Bar

    • Same specs as our green light bar but uses red LEDs
    • Also excellent for hunting deer or small game
    • Red beam cuts easily through fog and brush

    20-Inch IR Light Bar or 4-LED PODs

    • 40 or four 3W 850 nm infrared Osram LEDs
    • 200W light bar or 20W POD
    • PODs are easily combined with Black Oak Connect Cables
    • Stealth beam used with night vision optics or IR cameras for surveillance

    All light bars and PODs come with a complete wiring harness that includes a switch, relay, fuse and IP69K connector.

    Enhance Your Nighttime Activities with High-Quality Color LED Output

    Black Oak LED's color-LED light bars or PODs produce optimal, pure color output. For hunting, fishing or surveillance, no other product exceeds their performance, durability, ease of installation or value.

    Remember, all Black Oak LED products are covered by a 30-day cash back guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty for your peace of mind. Call Black Oak LED today at 1-800-348-1287 or visit them online at http://www.blackoakled.com to view their full line of LED lighting products.